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Matt Burk Music Studio

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+ Cody Walton, Piano

When I meet students, I explore their needs and desires for music and what motivates them to learn and study. Together we create a plan that they’re excited about. From experience teaching in public schools and one on one in studio’s, I’ve learned that students thrive when lessons are fun and they're supported to work hard to achieve their goals.

With a BA in Music Education from UT Tyler, I’m a multi-instrumentalist (piano, percussion, guitar, bass) with a love of classical, jazz and pop. I worked hard to win various accolades including talent scholarships from my Alma Mater and I inspire my students to work hard too. I also know what it means to struggle and overcome fears.

My greatest struggle was the anxiety I felt every time I had to perform solo. But I was determined to overcome it because I wanted to be a musician. My students often face the same struggle and because I understand what they’re feeling, I can coach and support them through the growth curve.

I currently play piano and guitar for the pop-punk outfit “Under Dog House.” Earlier on in my career I toured Europe with my college’s indoor drum-line. The experience of performing is invaluable when I'm teaching. It not only sheds light on how to play, but also on how to play out.

No matter what level of music you are interested in, music is good for the soul and can be very therapeutic. It's also very beneficial for young students as it's proven to show an increase in test scores and creativity. I would recommend everyone give learning an instrument a shot.

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I teach all skill levels from beginner to advanced and a variety of styles including jazz, blues, pop, groove, and rock. My approach is based on the fundamentals of music and each student’s musical interests. Initially we look at the basics of your instrument and the theory and quickly transition to application with music you enjoy whilst continuing to expand technical understanding.

I have a BA in music from Columbia College specializing in Instrumental Performance and Guitar/Percussion composition. Performing with various bands has enabled me to play everything from electronic music to rock and I have recorded several full albums of original music. It’s been a privilege to open for major national acts and to perform in a band that was featured on the Bravo television network. I’ve been teaching drums and guitar for over 10 years and always encourage my students to participate in both regular student jam sessions and recitals to hone abilities and gain a greater sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing like playing with others and performing live to help students to grow in confidence.

The greatest musical highlights for me are when we close out the final show of a tour. When we closed out the final show of the DIY venue, the Compound, it must have been 106 degrees inside and packed wall to wall with people. Everyone was going crazy and we were soaked at the end. It was amazing. I like to help students imagine the possibilities and work towards their dreams.

In saying this, I believe that music is a transcendent and universal language and playing it, even for your own enjoyment can be extremely fulfilling.

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+ Elizabeth Landers, VOICE

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+ Connor Veteto, Guitar

My journey into music began over 14 years ago playing acoustic and electrical guitar and singing. I’ve sung and played professionally since 2009 for worship bands, with Texas original music and cover bands – The BoomBachs and The Enablers. I love playing modern and classic rock, pop, gospel, hip-hop and funk. Experiencing music is my greatest passion with soccer being a close second!

In studying music, my high school music theory instructor was my greatest influence. He not only inspired me in my struggle to read and write music, he taught me the importance of aural skills and how to use my ear as a tool in learning music. This changed my approach to reading and writing music and the way I teach. He helped me to discover for myself what made learning music fun and memorable.

So now I create fun environments for my students and help them to pinpoint what inspires them to learn music. This makes all the difference because then we can identify personal goals and aspirations and create a plan to work toward success.

Most students experience fear and anxiety when they first start performing – I know I did! At Matt Burk Studios our instructors create a safe and dynamic environment to coach students through their performance nerves. Our goal is to transform those early fears into a deep love for playing and performing. Live performances are a vital key to unlocking passion, excitement and self expression in music.

A performance highlight for me was competing in a national “battle of the bands” music competition in LA to perform for and meet prominent industry figures. It was eye opening to see life on the road with a band, the inner workings of the music industry and how recording studios operate.

I’ve learned never to doubt my ability to learn and grow in music and I pass this on to my students. The key to growth is to explore, experiment and have fun in the process.


+ Joshua Nath, Piano

My teaching philosophy is centered in the belief that when students are encouraged to have fun, to explore their creative side and to shine in their performances they will stay engaged in the learning process and grow musically.

My mother, a professional piano teacher at The Royal Conservatory of Music, began teaching me piano when I was four years old. I went on to study drums and guitar. At Colin College, I earned the Outstanding Theory Student award and the Emerging Scholar in Music Achievement award, among other honors. I later received a BA in Applied Arts and Sciences with an Occupational Specialty in Music. My teaching career began 2011. I find great joy in fostering a love of music in my students, coaching them to achieve their goals and watching them grow through live performance.

I teach classical, pop, rock, country, worship and singer/songwriting. Currently I play piano and drums for various churches around the DFW area and in my spare time I’m writing music for my latest performance endeavor, Sunrise Pilots.

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I enjoy working with students of all ages and musical abilities. I always encourage students to learn by playing the music they enjoy. My students set goals and we work hard to achieve them. It’s a great privilege to help students read and write music, rearrange pieces, play by ear and record and produce their art. A significant mentor of mine, stressed the importance of finding my own sound. When I discovered it, it allowed me to explore more styles of music. It’s a highlight for me when I can help students find their own sound.

I began playing piano at the age of six and studied classical music throughout childhood. Later I expanded in to R&B, pop, rock, and praise and worship. In college I played piano for Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity — jazz combo, big band gigs and worked hard on jazz improvisation. A highlight for me has been being a part of the BoomBachs since 2011, primarily because I get to create original music with my best friends. I’ve also worked with The Enablers, a Top-40 cover band.

Many of my students fear performing in front of audiences. I know that fear! I conquered it by by performing more and more. I coach them through the fear and they become more confident players.

In addition to playing various freelance jazz and classical gigs, I play piano for Billboard Top 10 recording artist, Andrea Helms when she plays in the DFW area. As part of the Enablers I’ve learned and memorized over 120 popular songs and the repertoire continues to grow. As your instructor you will have fun and you will grow as a musician. More importantly I’m committed to helping you find your own style.

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+ Giovanni Salvatici, GUITAR

At age 14, I heard Led Zeppelin, and I was hooked! My parents gave me a Led Zeppelin live CD and my musical journey began. Jimmy Page became who I wanted to emulate.

Although my musical journey began with classic rock, I enjoy playing and teaching many styles of music including indie rock, modern rock, metal, blues, pop, country, folk, praise and worship, and more.

I also have a passion for creating music and performing. These were some of my primary motivations as I grew as a musician. I wanted to be able to share my passion by writing/composing/producing music, collaborating with others and performing. There's nothing quite like being able to to share something you created with the world!

One of the hurdles I had to overcome on my musical journey was theory. I found the world of music opened up to me when I understood theory. Everything began making sense as I saw what made music fit together and work. This gave me much confidence, creativity, and was a key element in my musical transformation.

Music is about connection and communication, and those are the first things I seek to establish with my students. In making a connection with my students, one of the most important elements is finding out what inspires them musically. Each student is different and has unique interests and goals. Understanding those differences and approaching each student as such is key in each student reaching their goals.

I love guiding my students and helping them understand what they are truly capable of.

Always find what inspires you, and will ultimately make you the musician you want to be. Focusing on what you really want will help you to be truly great at the things that are important to you!

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+ Ellyn Glasscock, VOICE

When I was 16 years old, I performed in the Tulsa Opera’s performance of ‘The Little Prince’. From that moment on, I was hooked! I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life singing beautiful music and pursuing music as a career in order to share my love of music with others.

My passion for music, and pursuing it as a career, led me to Oklahoma City University where I obtained a B.M. in Vocal Performance, and then on to Cleveland Institute of Music where I obtained a M.M. in Vocal and Opera Performance.

One of the most influential mentors to me as I pursued music was Dr. Frank Ragsdale. Dr. Ragsdale taught me that singing is about being vulnerable and using your talents to touch those around you. Music has the power to speak when words cannot. Through this understanding I realized that when I sing, It should be from my heart, and not for validation from anyone else.

While growing as a musician, one of my struggles was trying to do everything at once when I was first learning a song. I overcame this hurdle by breaking down each element of whatever piece I was learning - rhythm, notes, dynamics, diction, and meaning. Overcoming this struggle led me to becoming a more confident performer. I took pride in knowing that I took the time to understand every aspect of the piece and didn’t rush the learning process.

I had the privilege of working with underserved students at Cleveland School of the Arts. As an voice instructor there, I worked with my students on the many aspects of what it takes to become a strong vocal performer including diction, intonation, dynamics, sight singing, breath support and more. I also helped my students prepare for district and state competitions.

I enjoy teaching many different genres of music including pop, opera, commercial, classical, theater and more.

Music can be a funny thing. My funniest moments are always when I’m warming up. From lip-buzzing, to lying on the floor, singing upside-down, and running around the room to pump myself up. I’m sure I look crazy, but It’s always a lot of fun! I’m a goofball and believe that learning should always be fun no matter what it is! I strive to create a safe and joyous environment for my students to learn and grow. When you are having a bad day, or just feeling down, I want learning music to be a source of happiness in your life.

I encourage my students to always be kind with yourself. Every person is unique and special which means singing will be different for everyone. Never compare yourself to anyone else. You are YOU for a reason!

I will concentrate on your specific goals and desires and make it an awesome experience in the process!