Voice Lessons in Allen, TX

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we make voice lessons fun and engaging for students of all ages and skill levels. We teach customized lessons for each student - using the music that each student enjoys, and taking into account his or her unique musical goals, interests and learning styles.

You can read more about our voice instructors below. Also, be sure to take a look at the video to the right to get a glimpse into what it is like to be a student at Matt Burk Music Studio!

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Alexandra "Alex" Naranjo: Voice Coach/Teacher - Allen, Texas

Stephanie Hunt, Private Voice and Guitar Lessons in Allen, Texas

Alex has a passion for singing, and performing, and she loves to teach and inspire students of all ages and backgrounds. She has studied voice for a large part of her life and is enjoys teaching a wide range of styles including, pop, rock, classical, choral, and musical theatre, as well as others. Alex holds the belief that a good instructor will give students essential tools for growth and carefully guide students to make their own discoveries, and will patiently coach them to ensure their individuality shines through their chosen style of music. Click here to read more about Alex.


Jeffrey Tarr: Voice Coach/Teacher - Allen, Texas

Elizabeth Landers: Voice lessons in Allen, Texas

Jeffrey received a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Peabody Conservatory of the John Hopkins University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Tennessee Temple University. Jeffrey advocates for a solid foundation in the principles of healthy singing: breath management, resonance, and articulation. Jeffrey creates a constructive and positive environment for his students, and he can quickly assess the student's capabilities and determine a course of action in order for them to achieve their goals. With experience in voice instruction across a wide range of ages, he has discovered that this teaching method is suitable for all levels of experience and for all styles of music. Jeffrey believes each student is unique and brings their own sense of aesthetics and personality to their singing. Whether he is teaching University undergraduates, high school students or one on one in a studio, his voice training is always individualized and tailored to accommodate each student's learning style. Click here to read more about Jeffrey.


More About Voice Lessons with Us

Many people think a beautiful singing voice comes naturally. While raw talent is great, other factors help determine whether the vocalist stands out from the crowd. Private voice lessons with can help you hone your voice and accentuate your strengths. Whether you’d like to ensure you protect your voice by using proper technique, learn sight singing, develop a unique style, learn your favorite songs, gain an edge for competitions and auditions, or just improve your voice for personal enjoyment, we will tailor your voice lessons to suit your voice, your preferences and your goals.

Students are encouraged to communicate to their instructor songs and styles they would like to learn. The instructor will happily provide repertoire/song suggestions as well, based on the student's unique voice, experience, and goals. The voice lessons incorporate techniques such as abdominal breath support, vocal placement, diction, and stylizing. Certain technical aspects are addressed during warm-up and other elements are incorporated into the student’s song selections. Learning to sing should be a fun and encouraging experience, and with our voice lessons in Allen, we enjoy teaching students to sing what they love most, while focusing on the student’s strengths and what makes them original.

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