Develop your talents and skills in music


Develop your talents and skills in music

We know how important it is to find an instructor who will listen to your individual goals and desires for music; someone who understands your unique learning style; a person who will coach and encourage you through the challenges and opportunities of excelling in music.

By learning with us you will become a skilled musician and a confident performer who inspires the world!


We teach on the following instruments:

+ Piano

Learning to play the piano is a fun and rewarding experience! Our piano instructors focus on what inspires you the most. We encourage you to ask questions and, as you advance, we help you to develop your own style. We provide a solid foundation of music education whilst creating an engaging and inspirational experience for every student; from the beginner to the very advanced. Depending on each student, our lessons typically include music theory, ear training, sight-reading, and improvisation. These elements may be incorporated and/or emphasized at different points - depending on the student’s age, needs, and musical interests.

+ Guitar

We understand that the versatility and popularity of the guitar draws students with a wide range of musical interests. We have intentionally chosen instructors who can help you master practically any style that you would like to learn from rock, to country, and from metal to jazz. Guitar lessons are tailored to each individual student. Depending on your particular musical interests and goals, lessons may include theory, ear training, reading tablature and notation, and proper technique! We strive to create an environment where, as students advance, they can easily develop their own style and unique voice while drawing on a baseline of technical know-how.

+ Bass

The deep resonating tone of the bass makes the instrument one of the most fun to play. As a beginning bass player, you’ll want to know the basics – where to put your fingers, how to read notes on a staff, as well as how to read charts for popular music. If you’re more experienced, we can work on developing your style and improvisational techniques. Whatever your skill level, private bass lessons will give you the confidence to excel. Our instructors have a flare for creativity but also understand the importance of theory and technique. Once you have a firm grasp of the basic principles, we can help you develop your own unique style.

+ Voice

Many people think a beautiful singing voice comes naturally. While raw talent is great, other factors help determine whether the vocalist stands out from the crowd. Private voice lessons can help you hone your voice and accentuate your strengths. Voice lessons incorporate techniques like abdominal breath support, vocal placement, diction, and stylizing. Certain technical aspects are addressed during warm-up and other elements are incorporated into the student’s song selections. We teach you to sing what you love most, while focusing on your strengths and what makes you unique. This makes learning to sing a whole lot of fun!

+ Drums

The drums are the heart of any band setting the rhythm, tempo and feel for the entire song. Playing the drums can be a very rewarding experience, but learning without a really great instructor can prove challenging. Whether you’re a beginner wondering where to start or you’re a more advanced drummer looking for ways to improve your chops, we can help. We teach a variety of styles, from metal right through to jazz. Whether you’re interested in playing in a band, making the drum line, accompanying an orchestra, or just jamming out in your garage, our private drum lessons can give you the edge you need to stand out as an experienced drummer.


+ Songwriting

Great art often begins with imitation. You can gain inspiration from your favorite musician and learn how to play your favorite songs. As you progress you will developvision and style, often combining elements learned through imitative techniques. To communicate your individuality you will begin songwriting. Writing a great song is a creative process that takes practice, revision, and input from others - ideally, from encouraging professionals. We help students, beginners and seasoned singers, discover how to best communicate their vision through music and become more successful and satisfied in their vocation.


ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: Become a confident performer!

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: Become a confident performer!

We are dedicated to giving you the resources to pursue your passion dreams. In partnership with Dallas based Honor Roll Entertainment, we provide professional artist development services and prepare you for a career in the entertainment industry.

Honor Roll Entertainment & Studios specialize in artist development, music production, branding, and talent management across all music and entertainment genres. Explore the next level of artist development and speak with one of our staff to learn more about your next steps to become a professional.

Share your gift with the world!


Matt Burk Music Studio partners with Honor Roll Entertainment to provide:

  • Talent management
  • Recording and production
  • Studio musicians
  • A&R services
  • Publishing
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Career/business planning
  • Legal assistance
  • Social media campaigns
  • Event promotions
  • Photography & video production
  • Assistance in acquiring an agent 
  • EPK to labels campaign

What's my investment for lessons with Matt Burk Music Studio?

What's my investment for lessons with Matt Burk Music Studio?

What is the cost of not pursuing your dreams in music? 
What is the cost of not engaging in regular lessons with an instructor who will support you through the opportunities and challenges of music? 

 It might mean that you don't fully develop your talents and skills in music. 
It might mean that your unique contribution to music will not be enjoyed by the world!

You have what it takes and we have what it takes to help you succeed!


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