Music lessons for drums, guitar, bass, voice, piano, & Violin

Following the overwhelming success of our instructors and students at our Allen and Frisco Studios we launched our Plano Studio in September 2018. With our student-centered philosophy of teaching and the skills of our outstanding instructors, we’re positioned to help many more students become skilled and talented musicians and confident performers.

We would love to show you around our unique space. We're open Monday - Thursday 2.30pm - 9pm and til 7.30pm on Fridays. We're also open on Saturday by appointment. 

Matt Burk Music Studio

Music School in Plano, TX
4101 E. Park Blvd, Ste. 105
Plano, TX 75074


Meet our incredible Plano Music Teachers!

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+ Morgan Reynolds, Guitar, Bass & Piano

I believe music changes the way you see the world. Music has changed my life and I love to help my students discover their own unique musical journey.

At age 5 I heard “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King and I was hooked! By age 9, I began singing in church choirs and performing solos. At age 11 I began taking guitar lessons. Some of the most influential bands to me as I grew as a musician were Reliant K, Switchfoot, and Skillet.

Throughout my teenage years I was heavily involved with my churches worship band both performing and singing. I loved working in this area and really grew musically as I played with other musicians.

My passion for music and desire to make it my life’s work led me to Ouachita Baptist University where I studied guitar, piano and voice and obtained a BA in Music.

One of the most influential mentors I had while at college was the dean of the music school, Gary Gerber. Gary encouraged and coached me to be more intentional concerning my practice habits. His encouragement to me in this area really took my musicianship to the next level, and reinforced the fact that if you really want something, you can achieve it!

One of the highlights of my musical journey was releasing my album during my junior year in college and having the opportunity to perform it at the student center. There’s nothing quite like seeing something you created come to life and sharing it with others.

I love connecting with my students and really understanding where their passion in music lies. I believe it’s all about students reaching their goals in music and having fun along the way!

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+ Marc Mariano, Drums

I have had a tremendous passion for drums and percussion since the age of 12. As a young boy growing up in Colorado, I had a thirst to hone my skills and perform anywhere I had the opportunity.

My passion for drums led me to study with a local instructor, Marc Johnson, who introduced me to jazz and many other genres of music in addition to rock and pop. He was instrumental in expanding my knowledge and appreciation for music.

Much of my earlier performing experiences involved me playing in garage bands as well as playing in my high school bands where I was first chair in the concert, marching and jazz band as an incoming freshman.

At the age of 18, I left Colorado and moved to L.A. to study at the esteemed Musician’s Institute in Hollywood CA under drumming legends Joe Porcaro, and Ralph Humphrey ( Frank Zappa, Al Jarreau, Dancing with the Stars), as well as lesser known but highly respected drummers and other instrumentalist. I graduated with honors and received other accolades for solid groove and overall musical approach.

Over the 30+ years of my career, I’ve have the privilege of sharing the stage and recording in many different countries and across America. I’ve had the honor of performing with so many talented musician such as Stanley Jordan, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Osborne, Harry Connick Sr., The New Radicals and many more.

Music has the ability to take you on an amazing journey and I love to help my students on their own unique journey. Being able to pass the passion of music along to my students is something I love to do.

I teach many different styles and genres of music and love to discover what inspires my students to want to pursue music.

I would love to help you on your musical journey!

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+ Elizabeth Landers, Voice Teacher