Music plays a significant role in the development of children, and if the time ever comes that they desire to play an instrument, it can be an exciting time. However, you want to make sure that they are choosing the right instrument for the right reason. These five tips will go a long way in helping the entire family decide what instrument is best for the child.

#1 - Let their imagination lead the way

From time to time, we find ourselves listening to music and beginning to play an imaginary instrument, accompanying the sounds we much enjoy. Whether it's an air guitarist or lead drummer, becoming an imaginary musician can go a long way to help determine which instrument interests your child.

#2 - Try them all

It may seem counterproductive to introduce multiple instruments to your child if you want them to settle on one, however, through physical trial and error, a child can feel for themselves what instrument draws them in. Exposing your child to multiple instruments allows them to take an up close and personal approach to the process. Now, this could get expensive when you consider the cost of lessons and instrument rental, so you may want to see if their school will let you test out the instrument on a trial basis or at a minimal cost.

#3 - Consider their personality

A child's personality type can help determine the instrument they will most enjoy playing. For example, if they are high-spirited and outgoing, the drums, or an electric guitar could give them the opportunity to be the center of attention, which for some, is where they shine. Nonetheless, if they tend to be more reserved and shy, the piano or acoustic guitar could be more suited to their personality and temperament.

#4 - Discuss the long-term impact

Whether it's starting a band, becoming a concert pianist or playing in a collegiate band, the instrument choice made today could impact the life decisions years from now. You don’t want to place an overwhelming amount of pressure on your child to select an instrument and stick with it forever. Having a conversation about the benefits of playing an instrument long-term can be extremely beneficial.

#5 - Let it be their decision

As a parent, you want to be able to guide their choice, but in the end, its the child who will have to put in the hours of practice, so it should ultimately be their decision. If you begin to notice that they are struggling to pick up the nuances of the instrument or seem disinterested by their choice, feel free to intervene and revisit the decision. Forcing a child to play an instrument they resent for whatever reason can be a difficult process. Giving your child the freedom and ability to express themselves the way they desire can be the purest form of motivation, which will push them to excel their talent.

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