As a parent, one of the best ways to provide an enriching and interactive education for your children is involving them in music, whether singing or playing an instrument. Learning and creating music in a group setting, particularly at a young age, can greatly enhance their quality of life and value of meaningful relationships. At Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco, Allen and Plano, Texas, we encourage our students to participate in ensemble programs whenever possible, as a vital supplement to their private lessons.

Parents are responsible for providing a safe and enjoyable environment for their children to develop and cultivate wholesome passions and pursuits. Of course, circumstances may vary from child to child, however conquering shyness, increasing motivation, developing teamwork skills, and cultivating purpose are all important advantages of early enrollment in group music lessons.

What’s so good about playing music in a group?

Learning music theory and technical music skills is challenging for children, especially those with less inherent interest and motivation to do so. Private lessons motivate children to focus and become more comfortable in a learning environment free of judgment and exterior critique. One-on-one lessons boost confidence and identity while instilling a strong sense of responsibility. It allows shy and introverted children to step out of their comfort zone, eliminating the possibility of blending into a crowd. These personalized lessons are an important preparatory step to playing in a group setting. When children play together in a group, they begin to sincerely enjoy the process, collectively enduring whatever trials or difficulties they may face along the way. In short, playing music in a group is fun. The amount of love, motivation, and support available in group settings is unmatched.

Regularly practicing and playing music in the presence of others is an important step in reducing feelings of nervousness or fear during a set performance. If your child is shy or reserved, adding a group jam session into their schedule of private lessons will help them overcome insecurities and cultivate meaningful friendships. It’s less intimidating to them, knowing that they are part of a team.

Children also have unique opportunities to flex their technical muscles playing in an ensemble. Listening to their peers play different parts of a piece of music helps them learn the importance of orchestration and tone balance. They can practice counting and generate strong rhythmic skills. Playing in a group setting is often when music “clicks” for a young student, and things go from “playing an instrument” to “making music.”

In reality, there are innumerable benefits connected with playing music in a group setting. By pairing ensemble playing with the expert private lessons like you’ll find at Matt Burk Music Studio, students can boost their confidence, become more well-rounded musicians, and inspire a deeper love for music than they ever would just playing alone. Sign up your budding musician at Matt Burk Music Studio, music lessons in Frisco, Allen and Plano, Texas.