If you love music, you can take voice lessons in Frisco TX. Whether you want to sing professionally, or just jam informally with friends and family, voice lessons will help you in other ways. Studies have shown singing helps self-esteem, posture and it even releases dopamine, a “feel-good” chemical in the brain that makes you happier.   

Anyone Can Learn How to Sing

Some people have more natural singing talent than others, but this doesn’t mean students with average skills can’t become great singers. If you like to sing and practice, you will get better and develop your own style. Listening to music and singing daily trains your ear and strengthens your voice. Learning to play a musical instrument helps vocalists with theory and harmony, but playing an instrument is not a requisite for beginning singers. A love of music and the time and energy to practice regularly can turn a singer with very little natural talent into a successful vocalist and performer. Taking voice lessons in Frisco TX helps develop your technique and make the most of your talent.

Voice Lessons in Frisco TX Help Older Singers Resume Their Careers

Voice lessons aren’t just for young people. If you were part of glee club and chorus in high school and college, but stopped to pursue other interests, you can pick up where you left off by taking voice lessons. After a few lessons, many of the techniques you learned when you were young will come flooding back to you. Older singers have more life experiences to draw from, which helps them bring more emotion to song lyrics. If you’ve been away from music for a long time, you may have a thin voice and it may take awhile to get it back up to speed. With practice, though, you’ll be able to start performing in recitals, clubs or just sing for fun again.

Singing Helps Improve Quality of Life for Students of All Ages

Even if students don’t want to pursue a musical career, singing lessons can help them improve their daily lives.

Studies have shown that singing lessons help children develop better brain function. Music instruction aids kids in the development of right-left brain coordination and complex hand-to-hand and hand-eye coordination. This gives children an edge in typing, writing and other motor skills over their non-musical peers. Singing sharpens kids’ mathematical skills, too, as they need to learn pacing, timekeeping and pattern recognition and recall during voice lessons.  

Singing also helps folks during their golden years. You’re never too old to take voice lessons. Many retirees are looking for a meaningful way to fill their time, and singing can help them find new friends and exercise their vocal cords, which can become weak with age. Singing gives seniors a chance to use the creativity they’ve developed over a lifetime and breathe meaning into song lyrics.  

Matt Burk Music Studio offers voice lessons in Frisco TX for people of all ages and skill levels. We can help you pursue a career in music or simply learn how to wow the audience at karaoke. Call us today at 469-353-6100 to arrange a complimentary interview with one of our voice teachers.


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