Whether you’re an experienced musician looking to fine-tune your skills or are signing up youngsters for their first bass lessons in Frisco TX, it’s useful to have a basic understanding of what produces a quality bass guitar before you start playing – or buying! Bass guitars are a fantastic instrument to choose when one starts a music hobby; they are relatively simple, versatile and exciting to learn. When determining what bass to purchase, you’ll always want to take into account your budget, as bass guitars can vary widely in price. There are a plethora of options with affordable hardware and electronics ideal for a first-timer learning the basics. However, a skilled player interested in using the bass for performances may want to invest in a higher-quality instrument. These can be expensive, but will last longer and sound superior in the long run.

Guitar World magazine recommends first taking into consideration the neck of the bass. What feels best will be different for every player. Even if you don’t yet know how to play, you’ll have an idea of whether the fingerboard feels too wide or narrow for your hands. Attempt to play the instrument sitting up and standing down. Is it too heavy to maneuver standing up? Is it uncomfortable on your lap? Next, play notes on each string. If you don’t know what to listen for, our teachers at Mark Burk Music Studio can help you identify glitches and will be able to point out a warped neck.

Examine body construction next. A sub-par paint job or design can be a sign of lack of attention to detail with the overall construction. You should avoid acquiring a guitar constructed from plywood; surfaces separated by straight lines are a telltale sign. Finally, inspect the hardware to make sure tuning pegs, knobs and switches all move smoothly with slight resistance and strings do not pop out of place.

These are basic guidelines to consider when purchasing a bass guitar for bass lessons in Frisco TX, but it never hurts to consult with a pro for additional advice. You can ask an associate at the retail store for help, and our team of teachers at Mark Burk Music Studio can offer additional tips for finding the ideal instrument for you. Request a complimentary interview and allow us to show you around the studio, meet with an instructor and find out how our experts can guide you to reach your musical aspirations. Our lessons are customized for each student at Mark Burk Music Studio—we teach all levels, ages and styles of music. Call 469-353-6100 to learn more about bass guitars and bass lessons in Frisco TX.

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