If you have not heard of eleven year old Anna Graceman yet, you probably will. This young singer/songwriter & pianist is a contestant on America's Got Talent. Her performance will move you.

She's Got Talent

That's pretty clear, right? But did you listen to her typical day? She practices--both before school and after. It's an imperative part of meeting your musical goals and becoming the kind of performer you've always wanted! Do you think these local performers and Matt Burk Music Studio students practice? YES! If you need guidance, take a look at these 10 practicing tips.

Anna wrote her first song at 6 years old. She began this journey with a deep love for words and music.

She started singing a melody of complete songs at 18 months. She loved to sing! She would sing and sing until her parents would ask her to stop so they could get a little quiet time. By 2 years old she was not afraid to sing to large groups and left audiences stunned by her ability to perform well at such a young age. At 4 years old she stopped just playing on the piano and she began truly playing the piano. At this point she was playing chords and learning notes on the staff. "So I Cried" is the first song she wrote. She was only 6 years old and in the first grade. She amazed many with her deep lyrics and knowledge of musical composition. Since then she has continued to write many other songs both lyrical and instrumental – 35 of them have been released in various forms.

Anna Graceman is so captivating! We're resisting the strong urge to post all her music videos. Take a look for yourself.

Our Inspiration

Stories like Anna's inspire us to teach daily, to interact with out students and encourage them to practice and work toward their musical goals! We've got talent right here at Matt Burk Music Studio and we strive to draw it out of each of our students through our lessons, jam sessions, and special camps--like the Summer Camps going on now! We're here to enhance you. Through vocal lessons, piano lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and guitar lessons, we maintain a fun, yet driven learning environment. Our students have the unique opportunity to perform live either in a traditional recital or in our House of Blues Showcase, both held semi-annually.