Welcome Cash Callaway

Matt Burk Music Studio has expanded its voice program to two instructors and (in the process) has gained a teacher of songwriting and audio production - an all-in-one amazing instructor. Cash Callaway came on board this month and on top of teaching voice lessons, he will work with us in implementing an Artist Development program. With his well-rounded and impressive background, we couldn't be more elated to have him join our musical family.

Cash is a professional performer, producer, songwriter, and audio engineer, as well as a teacher of voice, keyboard, songwriting, and audio production. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in music theory/composition from Baylor University, he has spent 13 years working in the music industry in Dallas and Los Angeles. As an instructor, Cash strives to encourage and stoke a passion in students so that they desire to learn apart from the classroom. He recognizes that every student learns differently, and he employs different techniques of training to help his students gain the most from lessons and to grow into well-rounded musicians. He has more than 10 years of experience teaching students ages 7 to 60, and in practically every genre. Cash has instructed notable students such as Shaylen Carrol, from the HBO TV show “The Wanna Be’s,” Hayley Orrantia, from the Disney Soundtrack “Tinkerbell,” Demi Lovato, and Ryan Cabrerra. (Read more here.)

Summer Camp: Inspiration + Fun

The Summer Camp is great! Aaron really enjoyed the instructor you had yesterday. He's even been inspired to try writing some music. Thanks for making his summer more fun & interesting. --Aaron's mom, Carlleen

Thank you, Carlleen for the Facebook Shout Out! Cash is speaking during the Master Class portion of our Summer Camp this week about songwriting and the music industry and students are really loving these couple of weeks!