Research has shown that music lessons can enhance your child’s cognitive, social, and verbal skills. While classical music may seem to be the best choice in music studies to improve academic success, in fact, with active participation, any genre of music can help your child. A 2006 study found that the longer a person studies music, the higher the positive impact on IQ. This positive impact was not exclusive to formal lessons. Similar achievements came through participation in informal music activities.

Impact of Music on Speech

While music can positively influence the ability of children to communicate, it is also useful in helping children to develop oral language. Children who participated in a six-month music training session showed improvements in both their speech and reading abilities. To achieve the best results from music training, register your children in lessons over a minimum six month period.

Active Participation

For children to reap the full benefits of music lessons, it is vital for them to be active participants in these activities. Active participation includes regular practice sessions, authentic engagement with the music teacher, and enthusiasm for the learning process. Children who are more engaged in their musical learning showed more significant improvements in a variety of skills than those who were not actively participating in their music training.

Effort and Discipline

To develop an ability in music, students must devote the necessary time and effort into practicing their craft. Progress in music training occurs when a student not only actively participates but spends the time needed to develop their skills. Without practice, skill development is limited, as are the benefits of music lessons.

Group Activities

Not only does music play a significant role in the development of cognitive and social skills in children, but it also an excellent activity for developing group collaboration and creativity. Music activities in groups provide children with positive opportunities for bonding with family and friends. Consider the fantastic group activities your children could experience, not only with family and friends but also with organized musical organizations.

If you are considering taking some music lessons along with your children, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that as an adult, you too may be able to reap some of the same benefits. Regardless of your reason for learning a new instrument or studying music, it’s an excellent chance for you and your children to build lifelong happy memories together.

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