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Just a Little Push

I am fairly certain that I wouldn't be sitting here typing about the music studio if my grandmother hadn't given me her guitar when I was a young boy. I hadn't thought about playing an instrument before then. She and my grandfather had been in a traveling country band and she felt it was time to pass it to the next generation. Perhaps there is an alternate universe where I bizzaro-me is a CPA and spends his weekends building ships in small glass bottles. Alas, in this universe I am a musician and I have it all to thank from that one little "push" that she gave me so many years ago. As she handed me the case she said, "your fingers are going to hurt a bit at first, but the more you play it, the easier it gets". Sound advice at the time and something I now tell my students who are new to the instrument. Perhaps you know someone that is looking for a hobby, something to relax them from a stressful job, or a way to connect with others. Learning an instrument is, in my humble opinion, is the perfect solution! Maybe they're already thinking about it and they just need that "little push". Are you the person to give it to them? Not sure where to go after that? Let us at Matt Burk Music Studio take over from there. We offer private music lessons for piano, guitar, drums, bass, voice, songwriting, and audio production. Together we can open the world of music to those whom might have not tried it in the first place. Matt Burk Music Studio: Learn, Create, Perform!

1, 2, 3, 4!

It is as easy as that! If you can count to four, you can learn to read music. Sure, there is a lot more to it than just that, but the overall foundation of rhythm is counting! I am fairly certain that I tell my students to count out loud every single day that I go into the studio. Why, you ask? Well, I  find that even in times of high anxiety, perhaps during a performance, that the counting we've done in the past out loud can help our inner count get back on track. I have seen it happen, used it myself, and know it to be true. Understanding this fundamental factor seems like it would be obvious, but for many it can be an "A-ha!" moment. Those are the type of moments we can create here at Matt Burk Music Studio for you! We offer private lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice, Songwriting, and  Audio Production located conveniently in Allen, Texas! Matt Burk Music Studio: Learn, Create, Perform!

Metronome: Metro-NOPE!? Keep it Between the Clicks!

CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK. Every musician knows that feeling. . .  We've completed our weekly assignment at our own pace, keeping in mind everything our instructor talked about, and it went swimmingly! And then it happens; we turn on the metronome and attempt the same result only to find frustration between the clicks. Many students find it to be such a daunting task that they simply do away with it. Worry Not! Developing a sense of rhythm takes time! If we allow ourselves to understand that perfection is not necessary (at least to begin with) and that the click is a must when practicing any exercises or songs, it becomes commonplace. Depending on whether you take private drum, guitar, bass, voice, or piano lessons, you can always find ways to involve the metronome. In my lessons, we use it for warm ups with drums, for counting measures when learning chords for guitar, and following the downbeat when playing bass. I have the metronome on so much that I barely hear it anymore! But when I need to, I can sync up instantly with it because I hear it on a consistent basis. The metronome helps us to "see" whether we are lagging (slowing down) or rushing (speeding up). At first the "feel" of playing with it can be off-putting, especially if the student is a beginner. One thing I can guarantee: if you use it daily, you WILL get better at keeping between the clicks! Keep at it and soon you'll see that it wasn't as big a challenge as you may have previously expected. We here at Matt Burk Music Studio can help you straighten out those rhythms, no matter what the instrument! Matt Burk Music Studio: Learn, Create, Perform!

The Correct Practicing Method

We are the premier studio for north Dallas, McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen, TX. We have an arsenal of wonderful instructors teaching piano, voice, guitar, bass, and drums lessons. At Matt Burk Music Studio, we tailor each lesson plan to fit the unique needs of our students and strive to pass on to each student a practical, fun way to learn and play music. Do you wanna learn music? Heed these 10 Practicing Techniques!

A Career in History and Music

Students of Matt Burk Music Studio not only learn to master an exciting instrument and incorporate the arts into their daily lives, but they also acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in music. Today we highlight one career path: Ethnomusicology.

Play By Ear?

Matt Burk Music Studio offers music theory lessons to each of our students. From the basics of the bass clefs and treble clefs to creating harmonies and rhythms, whatever your skill level, we can help you take your musical gift to the next step!

The Bass: Instrument Selection, Part 1

Matt Burk Music Studio explains the basics in choosing the right bass guitar body. Bass lessons are offered at Matt Burk Studio. Schedule an interview to answer all your burning questions today!

New {FREE!} Video Series

One of the fun new things we're working on this year at Matt Burk Music Studio is a new YouTube video series with videos teaching you how to play some popular songs! The first one that we've put together is of Matt teaching the intro to the popular Colplay song, "Clocks" on the piano. Check it out!

And as always, if you have an interest in learning to play piano, drums, bass, or guitar, or learning to improve your singing voice (and you're in the Allen, Fairview, Lucas, McKinney, Plano or Frisco areas) we'd love to help! Check out the Lessons page of our website to read more about our instructors, or the Get Started page to set up an interview or to enroll!