Adopt these ten practicing tips and you will see improvement each time you practice with your instrument. On top of our weekly lessons, we hope that you'll pick up music two to three times a week. This will get you in performance shape in no time!

The Right Way to Practice

1. Warm Up

2. Practice often

Small, frequent practice sessions are more effective than one or two longer sessions each week.

3. Practice at you instrument and away from it

Next time you’re on waiting for an appointment or riding in the car on a long trip, try practicing without your instrument. Study the score, analyse the harmony, think through the phrasing. You will be amazed at how easy it is to become familiar with a piece when you don’t have your technique distracting you.

4. Take notes

Both in and out of your piano/drums/guitar/bass/voice lessons, keep a pencil handy to make notes on your sheet music and in your journal. Epiphanies and instruction are lost the minute you move on to a different aspect of your practice.

5. Make noise!

Don’t be afraid to sing, clap or count aloud. We're in the noise-making business! Fill the room with sound.

6. Repetition is key

Keep in mind that the number of times you play a passage correctly needs to far outweigh the number of times you played it incorrectly.

7. Play as many details on your first read as possible

Dynamics, articulation, phrasing, etc are as much a part of the music as the pitches and rhythms.

8. Refer constantly to lesson notes

Prior to each practice session, read over the lesson notes from your teacher. Jot down questions you may have to address in your next weekly lesson.

9. Be aware of your entire body, not merely your fingers.

10. Be inspired

Feed yourself a steady diet of live performances, books on music, YouTube clips and audio recordings of your favorite performers. An easy way to do this is to follow our Twitter feed! We supply you with daily bits that inspire and enhance your musical talent!

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