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From patience and skill to creating relaxing music, it is easy to see the benefits of learning to play the drums. Unfortunately, many parents will purchase an overwhelming amount of music equipment for a child first learning to play. While common, parents should not invest a large amount of money on instruments before their child’s lessons begin. Here are a few important components of a drum set your child should have when learning to play this fun instrument.

Bass Drum

Every drum set needs a bass drum. Also known as a kick drum, this is the largest component of your child’s drum set.

The base drum is the center of the drum set, standing on its side, allowing your child to play it using a foot pedal. Of course, the bass drum produces a deep sound, which is perfectly suited for creating unique rhythms while you learn to play the drums.

Snare Drum

Installed on a stand and placed in the set’s center, the snare drum is another imperative component of a drum set. Since it is installed in the center, the snare drum will be situated between your child’s knees. This gives them ultimate control while playing.

While shocking for many people to learn, the snare drum was first used by soldiers who needed to relay signals to other soldiers during battle in the 1400s.

The snare drum is capable of making a loud sound that is almost sharp, making it fun for your child to play.


The hi-hat should be installed next to your child’s snare drum. This set of cymbals is played by clashing them together using the foot pedal. In addition, your child can use their drumsticks to clash the cymbals together.

There are many ways to play the hi-hat cymbals. The cymbals may be open, closed, open and then closed, or closed then opened. Each position of the hit-hat cymbals will create a different sound, ensuring they are favorites among drum players who love creating music.


Drumsticks are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, woods, and sizes, so choosing the best for your child can be difficult. When your child first begins lessons, consider choosing a light wood stick that is easy to handle.

Maple wood drumsticks are lightweight and flexible. Since it is so light, your child will feel less force when hitting the drums with maple sticks. You should also choose a medium-grade thickness, such as a 5a size. This size is perfect for beginners because it is soft enough to play any type of music.

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