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If you have recently started taking vocal lessons, you may already be familiar with the wear and tear these lessons can have on your throat. From light inflammation and soreness a possible loss of your vocal ability, it is easy to see how the constant use of your vocal cords can affect your speaking ability and wellness. Thankfully, you can reduce the irritation by using these tips to soothe your throat after taking your singing lessons.


Staying hydrated is imperative to soothing your throat. Drinking water before, during, and after your lesson can help, but drinking sufficient water each and every day is also important for your body to stay hydrated and your throat to stay moist.

To ease any inflammation in your throat, drink water that is at room temperature. A small amount of decaffeinated tea with a few drops of honey is also a great option. Tea has many hydrating qualities while the honey offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which are perfectly suited to a dry, irritated throat.


Your throat will most likely become very dry after taking vocal lessons for a long period of time. Unfortunately, if you snore or sleep with your mouth open, your throat will become even drier at night. To prevent further dryness while soothing your already irritated throat, run a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep. The steam from the humidifier will enter your nose and mouth, ensuring your throat receives adequate moisture.

Humidifying the air while you sleep is not only important for preventing future dryness and inflammation, but it is also helpful for easing any discomfort that already exists in your throat.


Proper breathing is also an essential part of easing and preventing irritation of the throat when learning to sing. Your vocal coach will guide you through the proper techniques to use while singing, but you should also practice these techniques at home.

When you sing, do not allow all of the air to exit your mouth at one time. Hold the air back and allow it to escape gradually. By reducing the amount of air that comes out of your mouth while singing, you can protect your mouth, throat, and vocal chords from possible inflammation and soreness.


Learning how to sing is a wonderful experience, but you should prepare yourself for the enormous amount of education and practice that is necessary. To learn more about vocal lessons and how to protect your throat, contact Matt Burk Music Studio in the Frisco, TX area at (469) 353-6100.

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