How to Play Guitar Frisco TX

A wide variety of musical interests and the versatility and popularity of the guitar are what draw many students to want to learn how to play guitar in Frisco, TX. It's always possible to learn a new skill if you have the desire and determination to follow through with all it takes to get you to your goal. Here are 5 tips to follow that will help you as you begin your quest:

  1. Learn something new every day
  2. Learn the major skill intervals
  3. Run through every chord you know
  4. Learn your favorite guitar solos verbatim
  5. Track your progress

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we strive to create an environment where, as students advance, they can easily develop their own style and unique voice. Call us today at (469)353-6100 today to schedule a tour of our studio in Frisco, TX. Or visit us online at

How to Play Guitar Frisco TX
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