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Playing piano is far more than just making beautiful music. It’s about discipline, mental prowess and, believe it or not, finger strength. If you’ve ever sat down and tried to play a song or two, you may have noticed just how sore and tired your fingers and wrists can be afterward. After all, your fingers are stretching and pushing the entire time you’re playing. Along with memorizing notes and understanding the technique, learning how to play the piano is also about having strong enough fingers to reach the keys and make them sound great. By practicing these strengthening exercises, you can enhance your playing skills and prevent your hands and fingers from becoming fatigued.

Individually Strengthen Each Finger

Find a stable, flat surface and spread your fingers apart. Push down slightly in a series of light pulses, allowing your knuckles to bend slightly. Try to relax your wrists as much as possible. This type of exercise helps to create microscopic tears in the muscle tissue, which will help to strengthen them over time.

Work Your Weaker Fingers

Generally speaking, the fifth finger, or pinky finger, is the weakest on a person’s hand. Having such varying finger strengths can make playing evenly quite difficult. To strengthen your finger, practice playing scales with even volume across all fingers. Additionally, you can play a run of two or three notes with your weakest finger and two stronger fingers. During this, it’s important to maintain an even rhythm and volume. Lastly, play two alternating notes with your stronger and weaker finger. Here, be sure to maintain an even rhythm and volume.


Stretch your fingers and make playing easier and create flexibility by playing two notes at least an octave apart, with your thumb and fifth finger. Next, play a third note somewhere in between them, then jump staccato from the lower note to the higher note and back again. Lastly, hold your thumb down on a note and play ascending staccato notes as far as possible with one of your fingers.

Gripping Devices

Give your fingers a workout by squeezing a gripping device. Using them before and after practice, you can improve finger independence and knuckle strength. For the same workout without the weights, hold your hands up with your fingers stretched apart and slowly contract the muscles to bear claws. Open them back up quickly, then repeat the sequence.

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