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If you love music, you have probably always wanted to write a song and hear it on your Frisco, TX radio station. Hit songwriters make it seem so easy. The stories they tell in their songs seem to be so obvious, the feelings and emotions they stir universal, that you often think to yourself, “Man, I could’ve written that song!” However, if you actually sit down to try and write your own song, you may discover that it’s harder than you think. Here are three tips on how to write a song from Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco, TX.

Focus on an emotion

The best songs resonate with listeners and fans because there is something inherently true about it, something that everyone can relate to because they have felt it before. Think about the moments, people and emotions that have moved you in the past. Hope. Loss. Sorrow. Joy. Love. Really focus on the feelings you had during that moment or time. Now start putting those feelings into words. Don’t worry about rhyming just yet. It’s more important to focus on how you are telling the story.

Choose a song style or structure

Now that you have some rough lyrics down, take a look at them. What kind of music and sounds do you hear when you read them? Slow, dreamy acoustic? Angry, clanging rock guitars? Delicate piano? Do these words go best with breathy, transcendent vocals, or something more gritty? Is there any phrase that jumps out at you as a potential chorus? Consider contrasting the song’s style or structure with a sound incongruous to the emotion you are conveying in your lyrics. For instance, a sad song to a happy tune, or vice versa.

Find the melody in your lyrics

Now that you kind of have an idea of the structure or style you are going for with your lyrics, start playing around with sounding out the lines you’ve written. Don’t be afraid to repeat a line, or even just sing a little “Blah blah blah I need more words here.” This part is all about finding the melody and cadence hidden in the lines you have written. Once you have discovered a core melody, start picking it out and refining it on your instrument.


If you have been dreaming of learning how to write a song in Frisco, TX or further your songwriting career, Matt Burk Music Studio offers lessons for students of all ages, from 5 to 95. Our instructors build lessons around your interests and favorite type of music. Call us today at (469) 353-6100 to schedule an interview with one of our instructors.


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