What kind of music will you be able to play if you get drum lessons in Frisco TX? Almost every kind of music uses percussive instruments, but some of them use them more often than others. When you learn to play drums, you will become a very versatile musician. There are several genres that are heavy on the drums. Here are a few of the genres you might become proficient in with a good drum education:

1. Rock

This is one of the most obvious genres for drum aficionados. You can check any list of top drum solos throughout history and find it filled with classic rock songs exclusively. From John Bonham’s epic sounds of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks,” to Roger Taylor’s rhythmic battle sounds in Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” the drum is omnipresent in rock music. What is usually referred as “drums” is a drum kit consisting of a bass drum, some snare drums, and various cymbals. These require drum lessons in Frisco TX in order to identify them all properly.

2. Classical

The drum has been one of the most versatile instruments in an orchestra for a very long time. Classical music uses lots of different kinds of drums, from bass to snare, along with multiple different kinds of cymbals. They are usually used to add definition and texture to other tones. The snare drum in particular takes precedence in several orchestral movements, such as the opening of Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra.

3. Folk

What we call “folk” music is the traditional music of various cultures all over the world. To that end, folk music can contain traditional drums from a number of different cultures, including the Sri Lankan Sinhalese dance drums, the double-headed dhol of the Indian subcontinent, or the goblet-shaped djembe of West Africa. While there are different techniques to playing all the different kinds of drums, learning basic techniques in drum lessons in Frisco TX will give you a good basic background for all of them.

Learning how to play the drums is not as simple as banging your hand or a stick on the surface in rhythm. No matter how many different kinds of drum you want to learn how to play, you need a good basic education. If you want a studio that offers education for all ages, call Matt Burk Music Studio about drum lessons in Frisco TX today at 469-353-6100!


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