Behind every great lead singer and every great lead guitarist is the heart of the band - the rhythm section, made up of the drums and the bass guitar.  If your passion for music leans more toward keeping the beat with the mellow sound of a bass than wailing out a solo with a screeching guitar, you should think about taking bass lessons in Frisco TX.  

No matter what your skill level, at Matt Burk Music Studio we can teach you the basics or what you need to know to improve on skills you already have.  If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn the basics like the names of the strings, how to read the notes on a staff and how to read popular music charts.  If you’re more advanced, we can show you how to improve your improvisational technique and how to develop a personal playing style.  

Finding the right teacher is the most important part of deciding to take bass lessons in Frisco TX.  As with any kind of learning experience, a teacher who is encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable will keep you excited and engaged and will make you want to continue to get better.  There are countless music students who not only lose interest in their instrument because of a poor teacher, but they also stop trying to play at all.  Remember that, unlike public schools where you don’t get to choose your teacher, when you take private music lessons, you do have a choice.

So approach your search for a music teacher the way you would any search for someone you’re going to pay to provide you with a service.  Ask friends and family if they’ve taken lessons and what they thought of their instructors.  Check online.  There are a number of rating websites that will allow you to narrow down your list of options.  Once you’ve got two or three instructors in mind, visit them and see what they’re all about.  Find out what their teaching philosophies are and ask to meet with the person who would be giving the lessons.

If you love the bass guitar and bass lessons in Frisco TX are all you think about, why not get started today?  Add Matt Burk Music Studio to your short list and call us at (469) 353-6100 to set up a visit.  You can also visit us online at to find out about us before you come in.

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