Summer starts out the same every year: kids are excited to be out of school and spend the first week or two jumping on the trampoline with sprinklers, swimming at their friends' houses, and going to bed at midnight. It's summer, after all, so everything they can't do the rest of the year is now possible: sleeping in and staying up late, backyard campfires, and playing video games. Unfortunately, the excitement of summer often dies off quickly, and you're left with kids who are endlessly, hopelessly, bored. Keep your kids and teens entertained this summer with guitar lessons in Frisco TX!

Guitar lessons in Frisco TX are a great summer activity for a few reasons:

They are indoors!

Texas gets hot, and unless your kids are constantly in a swimming pool, the heat of summer will also get old pretty quickly. When inside activities like video games and movies get old, guitar lessons can take their place! Bring your kids to Matt Burk Music Studio for a change of (air conditioned) scenery. They will be inside in cool air, and they won't be wasting time like they would if they were playing video games all day.

They can learn!

Most kids and teens aren't keen on the idea of summer school. They may not want to practice multiplication all summer long, but with guitar lessons in Frisco TX, your kids can be in a safe, productive learning environment that is NOT boring! Your kids can practice and learn a new skill in just a few months. Then if they love lessons, they can continue taking them once a week or so when the summer is over. Kids love learning new skills, as long as it is presented in a fun format. Rocking out with super fun teachers and fellow students is a blast!

Your introvert might become more outgoing.

Whether your kid is outgoing or not, chances are that by the end of a summer with music lessons, he or she will get out of their shell a little easier. Musical talent is one that is shared outwardly, so your kid will learn to perform and play in front of others. This can help shy kids get out of their shells a little more.

You won't drive each other crazy.

Parents and kids have moments of getting along great, but too much time together can be a little too much for everyone. Teenagers are especially prone to driving parents crazy, and vice versa. When your kids or teens are taking guitar lessons in Frisco TX, you can have something exciting to talk about, and a little less time spent together may just be good for both of you.

Summer classes are booking now at Matt Burk Music Studio. Call us to sign up your kids or teens today!

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