If you’re considering signing your kids up for piano lessons in Frisco TX, you should go for it! Here are the top five reasons you should sign them up as soon as possible.

1. They can develop a new talent.

Piano lessons in Frisco TX are for students of all ages and abilities. Your child or teen may be a musical person and not know it yet! The piano is a fairly easy instrument to learn, so long as students practice regularly. Having a talent to share is nice for kids and teens. Once they have developed their piano playing skills, they can volunteer to play for recitals, family gatherings, and community or church events.

2. It will open up a new group of friends.

When you sign your child up for music classes or piano lessons, they are introduced to a whole new group of friends. The students of Matt Burk Music Studio have the chance to get together and form bands to perform with. Your kid may be assigned to the keyboard while someone else is learning guitar, and they might get paired up to do a song together. You never know who else has been signed up for lessons, and your kids can make new friends outside their normal realm and circle.

3. It may raise self esteem.

Music classes can open up even the most introverted people. If your kid is insecure or shy, you might be surprised how quickly they overcome that when they find something they’re good at! When students learn to play, they aren’t obligated to play in public places like church, but many of them want to. The better developed the talent becomes, the better students feel about themselves.

4. Music isn’t a waste of time.

How many hours per day do your kids currently spend wasting time on the internet, watching TV or playing video games? Most things intended to entertain kids these days are numbing at best. Teach your kid the importance of time management with piano lessons in Frisco TX. He or she will need to spend time practicing at home, which means less time for mind-numbing video games or TV shows. Piano lessons teach time management and a new skill at the same time.

5. Your kid will appreciate the arts.

In many ways, the arts are a lost art in today’s world. There’s nothing but synthesized voices and computer generated music on the radio. Texting has all but ruined the English language, and many schools are eliminating music and arts programs because of inadequate funding. Sign your child up for piano lessons in Frisco TX, and he or she will still get to appreciate the art of music.

There are more than five reasons you should sign your kids up for piano or other music lessons. They gain valuable skills they can use over a lifetime, and they learn discipline through practice. If you want your kids to be part of the Matt Burk Music Studio group, contact us at (469) - 353-6100 today!


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