Valentine’s Day is just days away, and you may still be trying to come up with the perfect gift. If your significant other has always had a lifelong goal of learning the guitar, guitar lessons in Frisco TX may be just the right gift.

Why you should get guitar lessons in Frisco TX for your significant other:

It’s Affordable

Guitar lessons for adults are affordable at Matt Burk Music Studio. Sure, you could buy some sheet music, rent a guitar and try to teach yourself. However, getting lessons from a pro is just simpler, and most people learn more quickly when they have the help of a teacher. Music lessons are worth the investment because students gain skills they can use their whole lives!

It’s Fun!

Most people like jamming out to good music. When you have a guitar player around, random music sessions can break out more frequently, which means more fun for everyone around! Take a guitar on an outdoor trip or play it around the campfire.

It’s Unique

Forget the calorie-packed chocolates and Valentine’s treats. Instead of flowers or cheesy love notes, give your favorite person a gift they can use all year! Guitar lessons in Frisco TX are a unique gift for anyone! Who knows, with lessons, your significant other might be serenading you with your favorite song next Valentine’s Day!

It’s Worthwhile

These days, wasting time is easy. There are a million distractions that suck up all our free time, and many people find that hours, days or even weeks pass without noticing. Rather than spending another afternoon binge-watching TV shows, give guitar lessons a try. You and your best friend or other half can take lessons together. It is a worthwhile investment because you will gain a useful skill you can take with you wherever you go.

It Can Get You Out of Your Shell

If performing in front of people is difficult for you (or whoever you buy guitar lessons for), you won’t believe how much classes can help. The students at Matt Burk Music Studio regularly have jam sessions, where they get the chance to perform solo or with other students. It is sort of like a recital, except much more exciting! These events are pretty casual and low-key, so they can help get you used to playing in front of others without too much pressure. Then once you’re used to this, you can play for your family and friends!

It’s a great gift.

Admit it, guitar lessons are much more personal than scented candles or chocolates. And they last much longer. If there is someone in your life who has always wanted to learn the guitar, now may be the perfect time! Give Matt Burk Music Studio a call today.

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