So, you want voice lessons in Frisco TX, but you're nervous about your singing ability?

Almost anyone can learn how better to use their voice. Singing is a skill, just like any other. That means that hard work, practice, and knowing how to practice can immensely improve your mastery over your instrument, your voice. The best first step for improving your command over your voice is to seek vocal lessons in Frisco TX. Some beginning vocalists, however, may feel embarrassed about their current skill level. If you are one such vocalist, there are some things you might do in order to practice, and to feel more comfortable before your first lesson.

First, as you practice, try to focus on one particular aspect of your musicianship. Specifically, as you listen to a song you wish to emulate, try focusing especially on either your command of time (rhythm), or your command of pitch. In other words, makes some passes over one of your favorite songs while paying especial attention to the beat, and whether you are on-beat or off-beat. While doing so, remember not to worry too much about your pitch, or your stylistic flair. Just stay in time with the music.

Then, try focusing solely on pitch--on whether you are flat or sharp. Remember that this will largely be an exercise in training your ear. Don't waste energy fretting over your command of rhythm or, again, of style. Just listen to the pitch of your voice. Play around. Sing sharp on purpose, if you can. The goal is simply to learn to hear when you are sharp or flat.

Both rhythm and pitch are skills on their own--skills that play a crucial part in the honing of your vocal instrument, but that take practice in their own right. So, before you sign up for vocal lessons in Frisco TX, you can make some headway, and make yourself more comfortable, by increasing your proficiency with both pitch and rhythm.

Another helpful exercise is simply to expand your musical horizons. Try listening to, and singing along with, songs from musical genres you don't ordinarily or frequently listen to. Diversity is one of the keys to becoming a great singer.

Once you feel comfortable with taking voice lessons in Frisco TX, contact Matt Burk Music Studio at (469) 353-6100, and start learning more advanced techniques, music theory, and musicianship. Remember, there is only so much you can teach yourself, while a professional vocal coach can take you to skill levels you may have thought you'd never reach.

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