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There are numerous instruments you could learn to play, but you may want to consider piano lessons in Frisco, TX. Learning to play the piano is a great choice, no matter how old you are. Forbes has reported that learning to play the piano can make you smarter. A study done in Canada showed that kids that took piano lessons or took voice lessons weekly over a period of nine months had IQs 3 points higher than those that didn't take lessons.

Aside from intelligence, piano lessons in Frisco, TX offer other great benefits as well. Learning to play the piano is not only fun, but it can also turn into a great hobby or even career.

Piano Lessons in Frisco, TX Can Build Confidence

Learning any kind of new skill can be a real confidence booster. Even if it takes you or your child a while to pick up the talent of fiddling with the ivories, once even one complete song is learned you'll have an instant boost in self-esteem. Learning the piano can make you feel like you can learn anything.

Piano Lessons Breed Talent

Not only do you feel like you could learn anything, but people that learn one instrument usually find it easier to pick up and learn other instruments than people that haven't learned an instrument at all. Part of the reason why learning piano helps with picking up other instruments more easily is that you learn rhythm, as well as treble clef and  bass clef. That gives you the basics for almost any instrument.

Piano Lessons Can Reduce Stress

Learning an instrument is just as stress-relieving as listening to music. It gives you something to concentrate on, it lets you focus on something that does not give you stress, and it can be great therapy for people with different health issues. It makes your brain happier and is a good workout for your hands and fingers.

Piano Lessons Can Lead To A Career

Whether you join a band, get a job at the local church, or you decide to become a teacher yourself, there are many ways you can turn your piano lessons into a great career. Think of how great your piano teacher has made you feel and how it would feel to teach others to become great piano players. Even if you never do anything with your piano knowledge, it's another great skill to pass on to your own children.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for piano lessons in Frisco, TX by calling 469-353-6100. You can even give the gift of piano lessons to your children or anyone else in your family that is interested in learning an instrument.

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