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Deciding to learn how to play a musical instrument can be fun, but also a bit overwhelming, especially if the instrument is considered to be difficult or cumbersome. Many people start their musical education with piano, as learning scales and how to read music correlates with other instruments -- not to mention the ambidexterity students develop. Whether starting at age four or 40, there are a few things one may want to know before hopping onto the bench. Here are some tips on how to prepare to begin piano lessons in Frisco, TX.

Remember to Relax

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and it will be some time before you're rocking the Radio City Music Hall stage. Before you start your piano lessons in Frisco, TX, think about why you want to play this instrument and what your specific goals are. Carve time into your daily routine to practice - remember, this must be done every day if you want to succeed. Studies show that practicing an instrument before bed may lead to increased retention, so try to turn off that smartphone and hit the keys in the evening instead.

Learn proper technique

Taking piano lessons in Frisco, TX is not just about memorizing which keys are which. The lessons will also help people understand the different techniques involved and how to perfect them. This, of course, includes the obvious, such as musical scales and reading notes. It also includes learning how to hold the wrists properly, in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful condition could render you unable to play piano until healed, and therefore prevention is key.

Stay Calm and Carry On

Many students become frustrated after only a few piano lessons when they struggle to remember tunes or have difficulty moving both hands in different ways. Stick with it! Take some deep breaths and give it another go. Nothing in life ever comes easy, and hard work will pay off. Invest in a metronome may help you keep the beat when practicing. Don't be afraid to discuss any concerns or issues you're having with the instructor - they're there to guide you after all.

Practice makes perfect

Beginning piano lessons in Frisco, TX may be both fun and challenging - try to focus on the fun. Set reasonable expectations for yourself but don't fret if things don't feel as easy as you think they should. Learning to play a musical instrument is always challenging at first, but the desired outcome of being a rock star could be yours as long as you stick with it! Practice every night (before bed if you can!) and always be open with your piano teacher. It's their job to help you and inspire you to rock! Call Matt Burk Music Studio at 469-353-6100 for more information today!

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