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If you’re looking for effective voice lessons in Frisco, TX, then you are already on the right track. Matt Burk Music Studio provides high-quality vocal training to aspiring singers, and Preston Page, our vocal coach, knows how to optimize each singer’s potential by tapping into his/her strengths and goals. Certain fundamentals apply to every singer, though, and whether you want to sing classically, on Broadway, or in a jazz style, proper breathing is your foundation.

To project a beautiful sound from your voice, you have to maximize your air intake--that means learning to fill your lungs to the fullest capacity possible. Breathing is one of the most natural things we do, so how difficult could it possibly be to learn how to breathe well as a singer? You might be surprised--the proper vocal breath is something that must be learned since it’s so much different from the breaths we use in everyday life. Here are some tips to send you on your way as you begin voice lessons in Frisco, TX.

Correct Posture

What does posture have to do with breathing? Doesn’t it belong in a different discussion altogether? Actually, the issue of posture deserves a place at the fore of any breathing discussion--situated at the head of the breathing table, if you will. The reason is simple: without correct posture, a full breath is impossible.

Our lungs are much larger than you might think--when expanded, they reach the bottom of the rib cage all the way up to the point where the collarbone and shoulder intersect. Therefore, maintaining correct posture gives the lungs as much room to expand as possible. Imagine two singers, one hunched over and the other sitting up tall. Then think of their lungs both expanding during inhalation--the hunched singer’s lungs won’t be able to expand half as much as the singer’s with good posture because they are crammed into a smaller space.

Andersonville Physical Therapy describes correct posture as the following: “...we want to stand with our feet lined up under our hips, our pelvis centered over our feet, our rib cage stacked directly over the pelvis, and our head centered between our shoulders. We want to be balanced above our base below us, whether in sitting or standing.” The back should follow the natural curvature of the spine rather than being held in a rigid, militaristic way--this picture provides a perfect example to help you until you have the concept down. When sitting, the concept of “standing from the waist up” is a good rule to follow.

Stay Relaxed

The discussion of posture and lung expansion brings us to the topic of relaxation. Simply put, keeping your muscles relaxed and your body tension-free helps to breathe just as much as good posture does. When we take a deep breath, our rib cage expands outwards to allow our lungs room to expand. If our abdominal muscles are tense, our shoulders are clenched, or any other area of our upper body is exhibiting tension, our lungs can’t freely expand as they should. Try taking a full, deep breath while clenching as many upper body muscles as possible--then take another deep breath after relaxing your entire upper body. Your oxygen intake on the latter inhalation will far exceed that of the “clenched breath.”

These two basic principles will help you with your voice lessons in Frisco, TX. They don’t give you everything you need to know about vocal breathing, but posture and relaxation are two fundamentals you can’t live without. Call Matt Burk Music Studio at call 469.353.6100 to get started!

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