Children’s piano lessons in Frisco TX should be fulfilling and fun. Individual music instruction starts for most children at age seven or eight, but younger children who show an interest and aptitude in music can start at any age.  A good piano teacher tailors the lessons to a child’s abilities, instead of using a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Parents should interview prospective piano teachers before choosing a teacher. Never underestimate the teacher-student rapport when choosing piano lessons in Frisco TX. Your child needs to feel comfortable with the lesson plan and the teacher and look forward to his or her lessons each week.

Show interest in your child’s musical progress. Set routine practice times at home, but make sure your child is well-rested before sitting at the keyboard. A tired, cranky child won’t be able to concentrate. Tune the piano before your child practices, and make sure the room is quiet and well-lit. Keep computers, smartphones and other distractions out of range. Tell other family members to respect your child’s practice time.  It’s important to make practice fun and not a chore. Listen in on your child’s practice and make sure there are fun songs to play after working on scales. Schedule your child’s piano lessons in Frisco TX so he or she doesn’t miss out on sports or other favorite activities. Your child will enjoy music lessons more if they get to participate in other after-school activities.

Children play a mix of challenging pieces and enjoyable easy songs. Devoting most of lesson time to one or the other may leave some children bored or frustrated. The piano teacher and parents should occasionally discuss the child’s progress and make adjustments to long-term goals.  Every child is different and learns at a particular pace. Some pick up things quickly, while others may take weeks to master simple concepts.

Learning music theory and ear training aren’t relegated to lessons or practice time. Listening to music on the radio or singing informally with friends improves your child’s musical muscle. Encourage your child to sing along with favorite songs.  Children engaged in music informally during the day will likely progress faster during piano lessons.

The staff at Matt Burk Music Studio is dedicated to providing customized piano lessons in Frisco TX for students of all ages.  If you want your child to take piano lessons at our spacious and well-equipped Frisco studio, we’ll spend time discussing your child’s interests. We encourage creativity and will help students learn how to imitate the style of their favorite musicians –or put their own spin on it. Call us today at 469-353-6100 to learn more about piano lessons for kids of all ages! We also offer guitar, bass, voice, drum and songwriting lessons.

Piano Lessons in Frisco TX

Piano Lessons in Frisco TX

Piano Lessons in Frisco TX
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