Learn to Play Piano in Frisco TX

It’s easy for a child to learn to play piano in Frisco TX from a dedicated music teacher. Weekly lessons are just part of a child’s musical education. Practicing at home between lessons is the only way a child can cement the scales and techniques learned during lessons.  As a child learns more about the piano and music in general, practice will be a welcome activity, not a chore. Here are a few practice tips to keep in mind for your aspiring concert pianist:

1- Practice Every Day

Schedule a daily practice time. Like adults, children work best from a routine. Every day, they know when to go to school, when to eat lunch, when to play with friends, eat dinner, etc. and piano practice should be part of that schedule. On weekdays, piano practice should follow homework. A child can learn to play piano in Frisco TX by having fun and working hard. Mastering the piano is a great source of pride and accomplishment for children.  Practicing doesn’t have to be a chore: it can be just creative as lessons. Your child’s piano teacher can recommend ways to make practicing fun.

2- Set Aside a Special Place to Practice

Find a quiet place for your child to practice. Keep the practice space clear of computers, cell phones, TVs, video games and other distractions. If you have a small home or apartment, invest in a portable electronic keyboard that can be moved to different spaces for practice. Consistent practice time and a quiet place without electronic distractions are the most important elements for between piano lesson study.

3-   Divide Up Practice Time Into Small Increments

Families have busy lives, and kids may not always be able to spend half an hour, uninterrupted, practicing piano each day. It’s all right to divide up practice time between homework, sports or playtime. Divide up practice material, too, and work on one song during one ten-minute session or scales at another ten minute session. Younger children have short attention spans, and these short spurts of practice time may work better for them.

The instructors at Matt Burk Music Studio can help your child learn to play piano in Frisco TX. We put our students’ goals and talents first and fit the lessons around their interests and skill level. Every young student is different, and we’ll discuss lesson plans and progress with parent and child. We adapt each lesson to conform to the student’s needs, not the instructors’ preconceived notions of how the student should evolve. Call Matt Burk Music Studio at 469-353-6100 to schedule a complimentary interview. We’ll show you our studio and answer all your questions about the best way your child can learn to play piano in Frisco TX.

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