If learning to play the piano has been a lifelong dream, there’s never been a better time than right now.  At Matt Burk Music Studio, we offer piano lessons in Frisco TX for lovers of music of any age.  So, if you’ve lived a busy life and are just now finding time to do the things you always wanted to do or you have a child with a love of music that you want to cultivate, make the call to Matt Burk Music Studio now.  And if you’re hesitating because you think piano lessons are a luxury, here are some reasons why they’re really a necessity:

1.  Learning to play an instrument like the piano can give you or a child a sense of accomplishment and a deep feeling of fulfilment.

2.  Playing the piano for an audience can help to build confidence that can extend from performing into the rest of your daily life.  That confidence is crucial to success in any field of pursuit.

3.  The piano is one of the only instruments that makes coherent sounds even for beginners.  Most other instruments, like violins and trumpets, that involve correctly plucking a string or blowing a note, take months of study before the user can make a pleasant sound.

4.  Also unlike many other instruments, the piano provides both harmony and melody so it can be played without accompaniment, which means that playing a complete piece of music on the piano can be accomplished solo.

5.  The study of music can make you happier and can give you a creative outlet through which to channel all of your emotions.  With that happiness comes greater sociability, which is especially important for young children.

6.  Piano lessons in Frisco TX can give children a direction in life, whether they pursue piano playing as a profession or as a vocation.

7.  The piano is a difficult instrument to master because it requires a great deal of coordination and multi-tasking.  This coordination of skills can exercise your brain in ways other activities can’t.

8.  Because your brain is so stimulated by the technical skills you must learn when you play the piano, the increased ability to learn and focus can translate to other areas as well.  For children, this often means an improvement in math and science grades in school.

The best thing about taking piano lessons in Frisco TX is how much fun it is.  When you learn at the Matt Burk Music Studio, we make sure that you’re enjoying yourself while you’re learning.  Our instructors have a great rapport with their students and an excellent knowledge of musical theory and performance.  Call us at Matt Burk Music Studio at 469-353-6100 to get started today.  If you want to find out more about us, visit www.wannalearnmusic.com.

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