Piano Lessons in Frisco, TX

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we make piano lessons fun and engaging for students of all ages and skill levels. We teach customized lessons for each student - using the music that each student enjoys, and taking into account his or her unique musical goals, interests and learning styles.

You can read more about our piano instructor below. Also, be sure to take a look at the video to the right to get a glimpse into what it is like to be a student at Matt Burk Music Studio!

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Marcus Wheat: Piano Teacher - Frisco, Texas

As a multi-instrumentalist with a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Texas, Marcus has an understanding of the technical and creative foundations of music, and his innate creativity and personal musical pursuits foster his passion and zeal, which are keys to his success as a musician and instructor. Marcus creates personal connections with each of his students, allowing him to tap into what inspires each of them. He is charismatic, warm, and approachable, putting students at ease right away. Marcus is proficient in teaching a variety of styles, including jazz, pop, blues, rock, and praise. Marcus is a versatile piano instructor who inspires creativity and enthusiasm in each of his students. 

While Marcus's musical talent and accomplishments are impressive, his dedication to his students, patience and creativity make him a truly exceptional piano teacher in Frisco, Texas with Matt Burk Music Studio. Click here to read more about Marcus.


More About Piano Lessons with Us

Playing the piano is an enjoyable, gratifying experience for many! Our experienced piano instructors key in on what motivates each student, support students' inquisitive nature, and help students' individual styles emerge as their playing ability advances. Our piano lessons in Frisco incorporate solid foundational music education while creating a worthwhile, rewarding and inspiring experience for students whose abilities range from novice to advanced.

Tailored to each student, our lessons typically include music theory, ear training, sight reading and improvisation. Depending on each student's needs and ability, these elements are incorporated and emphasized at different points in the learning process.  Pacing and implementation depends on each student's age, needs and musical interests.

Our instructors are hand-selected for their excellent musical ability as well as their enthusiasm for our philosophy of creating a positive experience for every student by incorporating lessons framed by ingenuity,  patience, positive reinforcement, collaboration, and inspiration. With lessons guided by these principles, students get to learn music that they enjoy and find inspiring!

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