Drum Lessons in Frisco, TX

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we make drum lessons fun and engaging for students of all ages and skill levels. We teach customized lessons for each student - using the music that each student enjoys, and taking into account his or her unique musical goals, interests and learning styles.

You can read more about our drum instructor below. Also, be sure to take a look at the video to the right to get a glimpse into what it is like to be a student at Matt Burk Music Studio!

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James Roy: Drum Teacher - Frisco, Texas

James is a highly skilled and experienced drum instructor with a background in both live and studio session work. His experience both as a teacher and a musician spans several genres including rock, metal, pop, jazz, praise and worship, and fusion. James believes that each student has unique needs and aspirations and his starting point is to discover what they want to learn. His desire is for his students to have fun and enjoy learning the fundamentals of drumming in a way that is tailored to their goals and individual learning style. Click here to read more about James.


More about Drum Lessons with Us

Drums set the rhythm, tempo and feel for an entire song, making them the heart of the band. Playing the drums can be a satisfying experience; however, learning to play well without the guidance of a great instructor can prove daunting. Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco offers drum lessons for musicians at all levels - whether you're wondering where to start or you're advanced and looking to improve your chops!

Though experience will dictate focus and pacing, drum lessons begin with an introduction to the fundamentals of music.  Students are exposed to rudiments and reading immediately, and then quickly transition to application with popular music. Our instructors teach a variety of styles, from metal to jazz, and offer student the edge needed to stand out as a skilled drummer.

Our private drum lessons will offer the tools necessary for you to reach your full potential, whether you’re interested in making the drum line, playing in a band, or jamming out in your garage!

Call, email, or chat with us today with any questions you have, to request a complimentary interview, or to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!