Bass Lessons in Allen, TX

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we make bass lessons fun and engaging for students of all ages and skill levels. We teach customized lessons for each student - using the music that each student enjoys, and taking into account his or her unique musical goals, interests and learning styles.

You can read more about our bass instructor below. Also, be sure to take a look at the video to the right to get a glimpse into what it is like to be a student at Matt Burk Music Studio!

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Matt Brooks: Guitar & Bass Teacher - Allen, Texas

Art Struck, Guitar and Bass Lessons in Allen, Texas

With a bachelor's degree in music from UNT, Matt's creativity, extensive background in music and passion for performing diverse genres brings variety and flexibility to his lessons. Matt makes the most of his musical talents as an active gigging musician in the DFW area, giving him first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a successful performing musician. His laid-back personality and creative spirit put students at ease, allowing him to tap in to what inspires each student so he can tailor lessons exactly to each student's desires. Matt's repertoire includes a variety of genres built on a solid foundation of technique, theory and real-world application. He's a charismatic teacher with a knack for building relationships and keeping students engaged in learning. Click here to read more about Matt Brooks.


More About Bass Lessons with Us

Great bass players are always in high demand, and its deep, resonating tone makes the instrument one of the most fun to play. As a beginning bass player, you’ll want to know the basics – where to put your fingers, how to read notes on a staff, as well as how to read charts for popular music. If you’re more experienced, we can work on developing your style and improvisational techniques. No matter your skill level, private bass lessons will give you the confidence you need to excel as a bassist and achieve your unique musical goals.

Our instructors have a flare for creativity but also understand the importance of theory and technique. Once you have a firm grasp of the basic principles, we can help you develop your own unique style. As a part of Matt Burk Music Studio, students have lots of fun, unique performance opportunities - including playing as a part of a band in our student jam sessions. These experiences not only provide a fun, engaging experience for students, but they also provide additional motivation for students to practice, and a great learning experience with our bass lessons in Allen.

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