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Acoustic Vs. Electronic: Drums

Many new students as well as some seasoned veterans ask me which is better, an acoustic instrument or an electronic one? Over the years I have found the pros and cons for both and really it all depends on what you're looking to do with it! For drummers, the sound and response of a well-tuned acoustic kit cannot be matched. However, many people soon realize that the decibel level coming from both the drums and cymbals can be deafening (literally) and sound-proofing measures must be taken to keep the neighbors from calling the police about noise disturbances. With electric drum kits not only do you have the ability to raise or lower the volume but often they have preset samples which means a multitude of sounds can be derived from one kit. Want a kit that sounds like it was recorded in a studio in the 60's? Done. Unfortunately, in a live setting electronic kits loose a bit of the "warmth" that acoustic drums create when properly mic'd.  Also, for an electric kit to be heard it must be amplified in some manner. Otherwise the player's only option is to listen with headphones. Then again, the headphone option is great for those who live in an apartment (back to the volume issues with acoustic drums).

Of course, I always say to choose which ever instruments "speaks" to you, the player. Weigh the pros and cons of both styles and go with your gut! Acoustic Vs. Electronic: the choice is up to you!

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