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Why Doesn't Mine Sound Like That?












I'll never forget the first time I stepped into a recording studio. I was 15 and my fellow bandmates and I had saved up enough cash to record our first demo! The day arrived and we loaded into the sound-proof rooms, mic'd up everything and got started. Within a few hours we had ourselves a few songs recorded. However, when the sound engineer played back the recordings, they sounded thin and nothing like what I heard on the radio. Of course I was naive to think that it would sound radio-ready when listening to the raw tracks but that experience opened my eyes to the necessity of audio production. When we hear Beyonce's latest single or the new Mumford and Sons album, and they sound great, the reason isn't just that they're talented musicians. The people behind the board deserve just as much credit as those behind the glass! It takes know-how and extreme patience to be a good music producer. You have to have a great ear and be able to find the sound and style that the client is looking to create. Here at Matt Burk Music Studio, we have the resources to help your music sound like what you hear on the radio! Full private audio production lessons if you're looking to make your own music or songwriting lessons if you need help putting your hit together! Looking to brush up on your licks before heading in to track a hit? We also offer private piano, guitar, drums, bass, and voice lessons! Matt Burk Music Studio: Learn, Create, Perform!

Our Music Family Expands Again

Cash Calloway has expanded our voice lessons program and will be an integral part in our Audio Development program (coming soon!).

Summer Camp is Here

Take your piano lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, and voice lessons to the next level by participating in our two week Summer Camp!

Sweet, Sweet Summer Camps!

What could be sweeter than attending a summer camp at Matt Burk Music Studio??? Seriously!

These camps are going to be perfect for all ages and skill levels and will give everyone a chance to start learning a new instrument or improve their chops on an instrument they’ve already been working on – whether it be piano, voice, drums, bass, or guitar!

Students will learn about different aspects of being a well-rounded musician, and have a chance to play together as a part of a band, and even record in a professional studio at the end of the camp!

The camps will be 2-weeks long, and will be from noon to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Additional details (including exact dates and tuition) will be posted very soon! If you’d like us to contact you once these details are announced, please email the studio or call us at 972.207.9353, and we’ll be sure you’re the first to know all the specifics! We’ll have this information finalized by the end of March, at the latest.

In the meantime, please check out the rest of our Site and see what we do all year long! Look around to see why we are the premier place for music lessons in Allen, Fairview, McKinney, Plano, and the North Dallas area.