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From learning patience and creating beautiful music to improving your overall mood, there are many benefits to taking a music lesson to try out a new instrument. Many students master one instrument quickly or decide that they want to try a different instrument after a few lessons. Fortunately, switching instruments without becoming overwhelmed is possible. Here are a few interesting facts that will help you understand the ease of switching instruments.

Learning the Basics

When learning an instrument, your instructor will teach you the basics of playing music, including reading music and learning rhythm. These notes and rhythms are the building blocks for playing all types of music, so you will not need to learn a new set of skills in that respect when and if you decide to play a different instrument.

It is important to note that this applies to the traditional Western instruments only since many world instruments will require learning additional notes, chords and scales.

Learn and Play Multiples

Many people feel they are unable to play multiple instruments. If you have already mastered one instrument, you can still learn, master, and play another instrument. Even if you decide to pick up a new one, you should never feel the need to stop playing an instrument once you master it.

The joy of learning music is that you can learn, master, and continue playing multiple instruments over your lifetime. Think of it more like adding an instrument to your repertoire, not necessarily "switching."

Face Some Challenges

You should not stress over switching instruments, but you should prepare yourself for a few minor challenges, especially at your first music lesson.

If you are choosing to switch to an instrument in a completely different family, these challenges will be a bit more noticeable. For example, switching from a guitar to drums will require a period of adjustment to become comfortable with the new sitting position and the new role the drums have in an ensemble. You can comfortably play the guitar while holding it either standing up or sitting down while playing the drums will require the use of drumsticks while sitting down primarily. Also, you will switch from playing the melody to playing the beat.

Also, switching from the piano to a wind instrument will have its own unique set of challenges. Your fingers and hands will be used a great deal while playing the piano, but playing a wind instrument, such as a clarinet or flute, will require the use of your respiratory system. You will have to get used to your breath being a vital part of playing music.

Working through the various challenges may seem overwhelming, but remain patient through the process just as you did when learning your first instrument.

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