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Any musician can tell you that keeping a beat to music is the most important skill to hone to sound like a professional. While it may come naturally to some, finding a rhythm and staying with it may take a lot of practice for others. Learning to play the drums has never been easier with personalized drum lessons, but there are six exercises you can do at home to make sure you're keeping time like a pro:

  1. Walk to a beat.  Walking to a beat is not just for John Travolta walking down the street to "Saturday Night Fever;" walking or marching to a beat is a straightforward and easy practice to keep around the house. Use a metronome or an app to play a beat, and you'll be marching like a pro in no time. Or, walk to the beat of your favorite songs.
  2. Tap it out.  When your legs aren't moving to a beat, use your fingers or hands to tap or clap a beat. Creating a habitual exercise to hone your rhythm will make scheduling drum lessons that much easier. The more you practice in your spare time, the more improvement you can get out of your lesson.
  3. Learn to subdivide.  Beats, especially when it comes to drums, can be broken down into even shorter beats. Instead of counting "one, two, three, four..." as you practice keeping time, try counting "one, and, two, and, three, and, four, and..." Knowing how to maintain small beats will make your lessons even more productive.
  4. Record yourself.  It is easy to hear a beat when it comes from someone else, but it is simpler to learn how to keep a rhythm when you hear yourself try it. Recording your pace allows you to realize how proficient your rhythm is, and makes learning much easier when you know what you need to improve upon.
  5. Learn from the best.  While learning to play the drums from an instructor is the best way to gain all the necessary skills, listening to a drummer or visiting a band practice to watch how a drummer moves and interacts with his or her music will not only teach you methods of keeping rhythm, but will help inspire you to play.
  6. Play with a background beat.  Even with metronome practices around the house, using a rhythm as you practice the drums can keep you on track so you don't lose your beat as you practice other drum skills. If you need help, ask your instructor the best practice techniques to help you learn and practice good rhythm in between lessons.

Keeping time is the first thing to master when learning an instrument. Once you realize how to keep time, though, your musical skills will improve in no time. For anyone who wants to learn how to play drums in the Frisco, TX area, the only business to call is Matt Burk Music Studio. Unleash your inner rock star by calling (469) 353-6100.

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