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Music students awaiting their first lesson typically experience a variety of different emotions. Although feeling excited usually tops the list, they may also feel a little nervous, intimidated and overwhelmed. Not knowing what awaits them, as well as not being clear about the expectations of music lessons, can have them feeling a little uneasy leading up to the big day. Students can make their first lesson at music school as good as possible by following these tips.

Be Patient  

Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to become a musical superstar after just one lesson. It takes time--and lots of practice—to become proficient. Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote in his book Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any field. While this has received criticism, it does hone in on the point that the best thing to do before going to your first lesson at music school is to understand that it may take time and arduous practice to become the virtuoso you dream of being.  Realize that a music teacher can only guide you and it is up to you to put in the work and commitment to become the musician you dream of being. Attempting to rush and skip the basics will only hurt you in the end.

Be Open to the Process

You may expect your first lesson to include a serious jam session. The truth is, however, you may not even pick up your instrument until you have a few lessons under your belt. Your instructor will likely teach you how to read music and tell you what certain musical terms mean. They may also teach you in ways you don’t expect. This is why you’ll need to be open to whatever happens when you walk through the door. Just because you aren’t learning in a way you may have anticipated, it doesn’t mean the lesson won’t be beneficial.

Be Confident in Yourself

You may be doubting your skills if you’ve never played a musical instrument before or taken a voice lesson. Your first inclination could be to clam up and not truly engage in the lesson. Acting like this only hurts you. Your teacher wants to help you achieve your musical goals. A lack of confidence can hinder your progress. Sure, you may make mistakes, but everyone does. Your teacher has seen it all and will be there to encourage you every step of the way.

Let Matt Burk Music Studio Give You a Great First Lesson

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