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You’ve decided to play the bass guitar and join the company of some of the greats, like Paul McCartney of the Beatles and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea. After picking out a bass that fits your style, and size, the next thing you’ll need to do is learn how to play your instrument. Fortunately, playing bass guitar in TX and achieving your rock star dream (or at least becoming a well-versed musician) is possible with the help of an experienced music teacher and a few simple tips.

Learn the Basics

Although reading tablature is a quick and easy way to learn the bass lines from some of your favorite songs, doing so can limit you as a musician. Tablature doesn’t teach you notes; rather, it simply tells you where to put your finger on what string. So although you may be able to play a song, you’re not learning anything about the music. Studying up on how to read sheet music is essential to becoming a well-rounded and successful bass player.

Play With the Drummer

When composing their own music, far too often bassists forget that they are in the rhythm section and attempt to play music that syncs up with the lead guitar. According to, a bassist’s job is to act as the liaison between the drummer and the lead guitarist. This means that a majority of the time, the bass and the drums sound like one entity by the bassist playing the root notes to the chord. They provide the foundation for the song and allow the lead guitar to come in and add the accents and flair.

Learn the Walking Bass Line

While it’s true that some iconic bassists have been known to play bass lines that are simply singular notes here and there throughout the song, many agree that the best pieces are those that feature walking bass lines. This term refers to a bass line that stays in perpetual motion instead of repeating the same note.

Practice With Others

New bass players are often too shy to play with fellow musicians, but find others to practice and play with can actually make them better. Making mistakes in front of others is excellent motivation to go home and practice. Additionally, you can learn from others by watching them play and become more comfortable playing in a band set up.

Matt Burke Music Studio has helped many musicians learn how to play bass guitar in TX, and may be able to help you, as well. Call 469-353-6100 to learn more about bass guitar lessons.

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