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There are thousands of different types of instruments around the world, from the familiar drum set and piano to unique, foreign instruments like the didgeridoo and the Japanese shamisen. Musical instruments have been around for centuries, imposing the idea of making beautiful music while unleashing one's creative and artistic ingenuity. Hobbies have been created from making music, and many people have made it their career in teaching others how to play different kinds of instruments.

Matt Burk Music Studio, for example, specializes in servicing music lessons for the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and more. Before looking for drum lessons or bass lessons in Frisco, Texas, it's good to know more about the instrument you've set out to learn.

For instance, misconceptions commonly occur when it comes to learning the differences between a guitar and a bass. The following is a list of major differences between these two popular instruments. It's good to reference yourself with the differences so you can discover which you'd prefer to learn.


A key part in the differences between bass and guitar is the pitch range. A bass guitar plays an octave lower than a guitar, which is often why a bass guitar is performed in the rhythm section of any group. Its deep sound keeps the tempo solid and sure, while a guitar has the ability to sound lighter and jumpier.


Most obvious of all, the guitar and bass differ in their physical appearance. A bass guitar is larger in typically both length and width than a regular guitar. The guitar has six strings, while a bass guitar has only four thicker strings. The thickness of the strings is the sole proponent of why a bass guitar sounds deeper than a six-string guitar.

Performance in a group

Overall, the guitar and bass have slightly different roles when it comes to putting them side-by-side or in a group. The bass is drawn on rhythm and has a low sound, while a guitar can often go solo and has a sharper, often higher sound. When it comes to being in a band, the guitarist often overshadows the bassist due to their ability in being independent of keeping rhythm. However, both can play reverse roles, too. There are many skilled bassists who can perform riffs and solos while some guitarists prefer rhythm rather than drawing attention.

Once you decide which instrument you prefer to learn, finding guitar lessons or bass lessons in Texas may become easier for you to assess. Some teachers only teach one instrument or the other. At Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco, Texas, both guitar and bass lessons are offered. Visit for more information about music lessons and offerings.

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