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You likely know some of the benefits of playing a musical instrument, which is why you’re considering sending your child to music school. Along with boosting their self-esteem and exposing them to other cultures, playing instruments can also improve a child’s social, academic and physical skills. The key to ensuring that the child enjoys what they do is picking an instrument they’ll like. With so many options from which to choose, however, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, you have a high chance of success when you take your child’s personality, body type and other traits into consideration.

Instruments Based on Your Child’s Personality

When you think about it, it likely makes sense that certain personality types gravitate towards some instruments. Take a look at a rock band. The lead guitarist and singer are usually filled with big personalities, are very outgoing and engaging. They often represent the band, so it’s important that they are comfortable with taking center stage.

The same concept works for your child, even in a school orchestra. Children who like to have the focus on them tend to do well with instruments that are typically featured, like the flute, saxophone and trumpet. Violins and pianos also help to lead an orchestra and often have solo parts, so if your child is comfortable being the center of attention, they may enjoy this.

If your child is on the shy side, consider an instrument that doesn’t attract as much focus, such as the viola, cello or clarinet. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable about what they're playing, they won’t excel at what they're doing.

Take Your Child’s Size and Strength Into Consideration

Part of being able to successfully play an instrument is having the ability to handle its size. Small children won’t be able to hold something large like a tuba or bassoon. Hand strength can also play a role when determining the proper instrument. For instance, guitars, violins and instruments that have widely-spread finger holes require hands and fingers that can spread out and press down quite forcefully. The piano is also played best by those who have long fingers and large hands, as they are better able to reach all the keys in a chord.

The size of a child’s lips is also important. Children who have larger lips do well with the tuba, as they can make the proper sounds. These same children probably wouldn’t do as well playing the French horn or trumpet because the cup sizes are too small and it would be too difficult to produce the proper sounds.

Music School Can Help Your Child Exceed

Sending your child to music school in Frisco, TX, is one of the best things you can do for them. The result is a well-rounded youngster who will likely do better in school and social settings. Matt Burk Music Studio offers lessons for a variety of instruments for children of just about any age. Call (469) 393-6100 to learn more about what we can do for your child.

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