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The bass guitarist is often the unsung hero of a band. They aren’t in the front and center like a singer or guitarist is, and they don’t get to sit and have a cool drum set up like a drummer does. However, they are often the backbone of the band, musically supporting everyone in the group with their bass lines. Bassists also often get a bad wrap and are the subject of a lot of popular misconceptions. If you’re thinking about taking bass lessons, you’ll want to know if these misconceptions are in fact true, or just myths.

Misconception Number 1: Playing Bass is Easy Because It Only Has Four Strings
While it’s true that a bass has four strings as opposed to a guitar’s six, there’s nothing easy about playing the bass. The person playing it has to have incredibly strong hands, because the strings are thicker than what is found on a guitar, which means you have to apply more pressure. Additionally, the bassist’s fingers have to spread far distances in order to play notes. The bassist’s hands can tire quite quickly, which means that playing can become physically taxing unless the player practices stretching and strengthening exercises.

Misconception Number 2: Bassists Can’t Sing and Play Simultaneously
Usually, when a singer plays an instrument, it’s the guitar that is used as the weapon of choice. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Playing the bass and singing at the same time can present challenges, as the bass line usually goes along with the drums, while the lead guitar line typically mirrors the vocals. Playing and singing rhythms that are opposite of each other can be extremely confusing and requires excellent coordination. However, with practice and determination, a bassist can certainly belt out some vocals, as well.

Misconception Number 3: Bassists Can’t Use Picks
The beauty of the bass is that the player can choose whether or not a pick is used while playing. Some find that playing with a pick is easier and creates a better sound, while others prefer using their fingers to do the strumming. Whether or not a pick is used is completely up to the player. Some bassists like to use picks when performing certain songs and only use their fingers while playing others. You’d be hard-pressed to find an electric guitarist who has the same freedoms.

Bass Lessons Can Help Both New and Experienced Players
Taking bass lessons is a perfect way to decide your preferences while playing. They can also help even the most experienced musicians build upon their skills. The Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco, TX, offers lessons to learn everything from basic notes to advanced rhythms. Find out more about the lessons we offer by calling 469-353-6100.

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