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As a parent, you want to encourage your child’s interest in taking drum lessons, but you may have some doubts. You may worry about the cost of lessons, instruments, and supplies. In addition, you might think you and your child do not have the time needed to take this new hobby seriously. Here are a few common myths associated with playing the drums will ease your mind.

Your Child Is Too Young

If your child is showing a genuine interest in playing the drums, allow them to play no matter what their age is. You may think your child will only bang on the drums without any rhyme or reason, but that is not actually the case.

Children as young as 2 years of age are capable of making music on a beginner’s drum set. Since most children are able to read by the age of 7, this a good age for them to start reading sheet music to play the drums in a more effective manner.

As long as your child shows excitement and curiosity, they are ready to take on drum lessons.

Drums Are Too Loud

Playing any type of music requires making noise, but you may forbid your child to play drums because they are instruments to be banged and played loudly. Thankfully, you can reduce the stress of loud noise by scheduling time for your child to practice.

Make sure to place the drum set in a separate room, such as a basement, bonus room, or spare bedroom. Allow your child to practice to their heart’s content during this scheduled time. Do not interrupt your child or ask them to quiet down, since they will need this time to practice their instrument.

Drums may be loud instruments, but they do not have to induce stress in your family. Make your child’s practice time fun, passionate, and purposeful, ensuring they are able to learn the instrument effectively.

Lessons Are Too Expensive

One of the most common worries that parents have is the cost of professional lessons for their child. Since most studios offer numerous lesson options, payment plans, and the ability to pay using cash, check, or credit card, there is an option for every need.

Of course, it is important to consider the benefits of your child taking lessons. Not only will they spend their time learning something interesting, but taking lessons will improve your child’s academic, physical, and social skills. Due to these benefits, the cost of lessons is a worthwhile investment.


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Drum Lessons Frisco TX
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