Music is very important, and that is why it makes sense to teach children through things like piano lessons Frisco TX, or even guitar lessons. Even adults can take the time to learn an instrument and expand their minds and their talent. Learning music helps you become smarter and be able to focus better.

Piano lessons Frisco TX aren't always easy to master, but if you find a good, and patient teacher, you can learn, as long as you have the dexterity. Children too young to have the correct hand-eye coordination can still have fun with a child's piano toy until they have the manual skill to learn to play.

Piano Lessons Frisco TX: Music is Good for the Mind

Music Makes You Think

Both listening to and playing music can lift your mood and your spirit, which is one of the reasons playing music is important. When you listen to a certain song it can bring back memories, both good and bad. A song can make you smile, and a song can make you cry.

Playing music can invoke these emotions as well, but it also helps with thinking and focus. Any kind of creative endeavor, including playing music, can put you in a relaxed, trance-like state where you are basically meditating.

Music Makes You Smarter

The fact that you are spending more time thinking and focusing on what you are doing, from key to key and note to note, helps you learn to focus on other areas of your life. You begin to see things differently, and you begin to look deeper into the meaning of things.

Studies have actually shown that children who learned an instrument, specifically guitar and piano, had higher grades in school. Through the focused learning and the dedication it takes to be able to play one of these instruments well, it isn't surprising that it makes people smarter.

Gaining Better Hand Eye Coordination

Dexterity is a must when it comes to learning an instrument, but playing also helps enhance the dexterity you have. You will develop better hand eye coordination, which is great for children and adults. You will learn how to move your fingers from one key to the next without even thinking about it, it becomes muscle memory.


Music is beautiful, and if you want to be musically inclined piano lessons Frisco TX is a great place to get started. Matt Burk Music Studio can get you started. For more information about the classes available, visit No matter what you decide to play, it can change your life.

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