When students recall the feedback they have received for something, what will they remember? Positive encouragement is always important, but so is constructive criticism. Criticism is not always an easy thing to give, as it is not an easy thing to take. When we give voice lessons in Frisco TX, we believe in making certain that feedback is memorable, but in a positive way. We also make sure it is useful.

When a student arrives for voice lessons for the first time, it can be an exciting thing. Of course, every student has something to learn, whether they begin with excellent pitch, or need quite a bit of extra hard work. The last thing you want to do is tear them down from their high of excitement. However, they need to know that there is work to be done ahead.

It is important to begin with praise. Let them know that you recognize their desire, what skills they have, and that you want to help them. To immediately begin informing them of what they need to improve, no matter how kindly, will not leave them wanting to return for further lessons. However, cover the positive, then discuss what needs improvement, and, finally, let them know you are there to help them, and that you can.

Some students will arrive with quite a bit of confidence; they will have been told over and over that they have the voice of an angel, and so hearing that they need voice lessons in Frisco TX in order to improve will hit them harder than most. In fact, they may be resistant. They need that extra touch of positive reinforcement, and the precise amount of constructive criticism to assure them that they have a teacher who genuinely wants to help them.    

It takes this type of careful approach to help them find the determination they need to do more than make it through all the lessons. The criticism has to be the sort that they will remember as motivating, and not crushing. Most of the time, ambitious young singers and musicians will be told they are wonderful by family and friends. If they apply for special schooling, they may receive no feedback at all. So, being told, in honesty, that they need professional assistance at all must be done with grace.

The truth is, sometimes voice lessons in Frisco TX are not enough for a student to excel in music; some are simply not meant to sing. However, they all deserve the chance to work with a professional teacher who cares enough to offer the right kind of criticism. For compassion in teaching, contact Matt Burk Music Studio by calling us at 469-353-6100, or visiting us at www.wannalearnmusic.com.

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