Learning to play an instrument is beneficial for people of any age. That is why at Matt Burk Music Studio, we have students of all ages. Whether you’re an adult who’s always wanted to play, or a parent that wants to sign up your kids or teens, this is the place for you. Drum, piano, and bass lessons in Frisco TX are a worthwhile investment for many reasons:

No Wasted Money

If half the reason you want to sign your kids up for music lessons is to keep them entertained, this is the perfect opportunity. Send them to the movies, the water park, or the zoo, and you keep them entertained for a few hours, but there is no return on investment. Sign them up for bass lessons in Frisco TX, and the result is far more than a few wasted hours.

Help Your Child Develop

Learning to read music is like learning a new language. After a few months of guitar or piano lessons, your kid will basically be able to speak a new language! Music is a great way to keep minds active and working. Your children can keep their minds sharp and expand their knowledge in more ways than one with music lessons.

Choosing an Instrument

Some kids know exactly which instrument they want to learn right off the bat. Others have no idea. Talk to the music teachers at Matt Burk Music Studio; they are experts! Let your kid come observe a performance or try out a few different instruments.

If it is just for fun, or if the lessons will be temporary, it doesn’t matter which instrument you choose. But if you think your child might go all the way and keep up with music, you should be a little more picky. For example, if you are hoping your teen gets a music scholarship eventually, you may want to consider getting them to play a less traditional instrument. Every kid plays the violin; help your child stand out with something more obscure like a bass or an organ!

Get Them Out of Their Shell

Going to music classes will inevitably help your kid make new friends. So if your kids are shy or introverted, piano, guitar or bass lessons in Frisco TX may help them get out of their shell. As the skill becomes more perfected, your child will gain confidence, and will automatically be more outgoing. Performing at “gigs” - recitals - will also give them confidence in their new art.

To sign up yourself or your kids for music lessons at Matt Burk Music Studio, call 469-353-6100 today!

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