You’ve made the decision to enrich your child’s life by enrolling them in piano lessons Frisco TX, but getting your child to practice the piano can be difficult. This can be frustrating as their progress and what they get out of every lesson is directly commensurate to the amount of time they spend practicing. Here are five tips to help guide your young piano student towards maximizing their potential.

Piano Lessons Frisco TX: Practice Makes Perfect

1. Set goals instead of a time limit

Encourage reaching daily musical goals that will transform practicing into a mutually rewarding activity. This is much more productive than simply requiring thirty minutes of practice with no measurable outcome. For example, you let your child know that the goal is to play eight measures without mistakes. This will help our child focus and use their practice time efficiently.

2. Reward their dedication

Consider rewarding your child for practicing their piano lessons Frisco TX with extra-curricular hobbies they love to do. Even better, sit down with your child each week or month and talk about what rewards they would like to receive for practicing the piano. This will give them something to look forward to and remove the pressure of being taskmaster for you.

3. Create a secure and supportive practice space

Make sure to place the piano in a room or area of the house that is not only warm and inviting, but gives your child a certain degree of privacy. When we are learning new things, we feel vulnerable about making mistakes, and that is especially true for children. The more comfortable your child is, the more willing he or she will feel about practicing and the less likely they are to avoid it.

4. Avoid criticism

Perhaps the most important thing a parent can do is simply provide a kind and appreciative audience. Young artists don’t know how to process criticism when they are learning and heaping it on will only make them want to avoid practicing in the future. Make an effort to remark only on the positive developments of your child’s learning process and reward or praise even the smallest milestones.


Parents play a crucial role in their child’s musical development and success, and that includes making sure they get out of their piano lessons Frisco TX what they put into it. At Matt Burk Music Studio, we specialize in piano lessons Frisco TX as well as drums, bass, guitar, voice and songwriting. Call Matt Burk Music Studio in Allen or in Frisco at 469.353.6100 and start your child’s musical journey today.


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