Without regular practice in addition to your piano lessons in Frisco TX, it’s nearly impossible to improve your skills. Be consistent in your practice between lessons, and focus on the fundamentals and your problem areas first. Build on the basics, such as scales, chords, and simple sequences before moving on to more appealing but difficult pieces. Here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding piano practice.

Study Sheet Music before You Play

Look over your sheet music before practicing. Study the key signature, time signature and look for accidentals and key signature changes in the piece. Look for sections that repeat later in the piece. This prevents stopping and starting when learning a new piece of music.

Correct Mistakes before They Become a Habit

As soon as you make a mistake, play the piece or difficult section over until you get it right. If you repeat the same mistake over and over, it will be harder to correct. If you’re struggling with a passage at home, use your piano lessons in Frisco TX to learn better technique, so you can avoid mistakes in the future.

Set Aside Time to Practice throughout the Week

Plan your practice sessions after each lesson to capitalize on what you’ve learned. If you don’t set aside time each day to practice, you risk going from lesson to lesson without showing much improvement. The best instructor can only show you what to play and how to play it. Regular practice is the key to becoming a competent pianist.  When planning practice sessions, remember it’s better to practice  30 minutes or even a few minutes each day, instead of practicing a few hours all at once.

Organize Each Piano Practice Session

Determine how you’ll approach each practice session. Discuss this with your teacher during piano lessons in Frisco TX. Spend time warming up by practicing scales or simple passages. This gives your fingers a workout and helps you build up speed for new and challenging pieces later in your session. Use both hands equally during the warm-up, don’t rest or “drag” your left hand.

Use a Practice Journal

Keep a log of your piano practice sessions to measure progress. Use a spreadsheet on your computer or a spiral-bound notebook, whichever is more convenient. After practice, write down how long you practiced each piece or exercise. Charting the time spent practicing each song will help you plan your repertoire for live performances and prevent you from spending too much time on one piece at the expense of another.

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