If you have always wanted to learn music, you are not alone. Tons of teenagers and adults who haven’t had the chance to learn how to write a song in Frisco TX, or learn how to play an instrument, want the chance to learn.

We Don’t Care if You’re New!

Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, you can learn to play if you have enough motivation and patience with yourself. We can’t guarantee you will be a famous rockstar or music composer, but we do swear you will have fun and learn some things about yourself in the process.

Music for All Ages

Most new music students are kids and young teens, but because music is an international language, it can be spoken by people of all ages! And in one on one, personalized music lessons, nobody has to feel self conscious. Our students all have the opportunity to work with an instructor personally.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? People of all ages enjoy music, and people can learn to play instruments or write music at any point in their lives.

Learn How to Write a Song in Frisco TX!

Residents in the Frisco area have the chance to learn all about songwriting. Some students who sign up for these lessons have some basic knowledge of songwriting, and others are newbies with no experience whatsoever. Both are fine!

If you have always wanted to know how to write a song in Frisco TX, give it a try! Whether you have poems or lyrics you want to create music to, or you have a tune in your mind you want to get out on paper, or you have neither, come learn songwriting!

What Our Students Learn

Our expert teachers at Matt Burk Music Studio can help students with any type of music. Some students come in with the goal of learning a particular song or type of music, and we take it that way. If students don’t know where they want to head in their music when they start, our teachers help them find their niche. We offer lessons for classical, jazz, country, pop, and just about any other music genre you can imagine.

Our students can take voice lessons, learn how to write songs, or learn the following instruments:

  • Piano

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Guitar

How Music Can Improve Other Parts of Your Life

Our students can attest to the fact that music can bring confidence to other parts of their lives. Your kids (or you!) can gain confidence when they learn a new skill. Students learn that hard work pays off. They also learn valuable life skills such as patience and perseverance. There are days when students aren’t in the mood to come to lessons, but by the time they leave, they are usually happy they came.

Learn How to Write a Song in Frisco TX

Learn How to Write a Song in Frisco TX

how to write a song in frisco tx
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