The Dallas Mavericks have won the Championship!! Matt Burk Music Studios could not be happier! We waited 31 years for this exciting win! We Are the Champions never sounded as awesome as it did being belted from Mavs fans across Texas last night! Though, we are the premier music studio for all of Allen, Plano, McKinney and north Dallas, so we've got to ask:

What do the Mavericks and Matt Burk Music Studio have in common?!

It's a little known fact that Rick Carlisle, Maverick's head coach, plays the piano regularly.

It's reported that Coach Carlisle began playing the piano in college to impress the girls. It has since became a passion and regular hobby that the Maverick's head coach has shared with his colleagues. David Odom, former colleague at Virgina, recalls, “On our [Virginia] road trips, Rick always found his way to the hotel piano or the piano bar,” Odom said. “He is extremely good. He plays totally by ear, so if you ask him to play something and he knew the tune, he could play it.

“Everybody used to gather down in the lobby or bar just to sing along with his piano,” Odom said.

Only a few years ago, Carlisle exhibited his talents in his hometown of Charlottesville, joining in on Bruce Hornsby's concert at the downtown mall. Carlisle and Hornsby are close friends and Carlisle considers Hornsby a musical inspiration. Funny enough, Bruce Hornsby is an avid basketball player. Hornsby grew up loving Motown, jazz, folk, and blue grass and is a singer/songwriter with specialties in piano and accordion. Learn more about the exciting musical career of Bruce Hornsby.

What are you waiting for?

Channel your inner Carlisle and take 15 extra minutes to practice today!

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